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Japanese cartoon dimension

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Rick and morty find themselves in a Japanese cartoon dimension.... Show these voice actors some mad love by checking out their social media!! Please consider sending in your demo reels as well!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voice actors Cougar MacDowall Twitter: https://twitter.com/CougarMacDowal1 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CougarmacdowallVa … Malice the fame ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- here is my social media list if you wanna say hi: facebook: https://www.facebook.com/malice.fame Twitter: https://twitter.com/malice_thefame Tumblr: http://malicethefame.tumblr.com/ Deviantart: http://otoko22usachii.deviantart.com/ Note: this is my instagram... I was not willing to share this before because I wanted it to be it's own thing, but to avoid impersonation here it is. Instagram: http://i.instagram.com/malicethefame/ If you would like to show your support, you can share my work with others, leave a comment and possibly like/subscribe. If your feeling extremely generous, you can go to my Patrion right here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=785220...
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Malice The fame (1 year ago)
Dear to whomever is about to comment. I know you are probably thinking, damn, where is part 2. I want part 2. Well, I got some great news for you. If you want part 2, you can help in making that happen. If you subscribe to this channel, you will be contributing to my efforts to reach 100k. As soon as I reach 100k, I will immediately start the animation process to create a revised part one in addition to part 2 in one video. If you are seeing this comment on a video other than partners in crime, be aware that this comment is for that video. Also please comment back to let me know if you subscribed after seeing this. Those that do sub and comment to this will be on the top of my list on getting a reply back here on YouTube! Thank you for your support.
edna bailey (9 months ago)
Aeris Carson (1 year ago)
I would love to be in the anine dimision but no anime titties....
Doujin King (1 year ago)
it alright, bit of misted pertensel but it alright
kelly chan senpai (1 year ago)
Oh wow
William Smith (2 years ago)
When is part two of partners in crime coming
Bio 9 (2 years ago)
CarIncompetent (2 years ago)
Ninja Sonic (2 years ago)
wow XD
Jetfox967 (2 years ago)
midnight spade (2 years ago)
Rick is my favorite character
Double J - Kun (2 years ago)
oh my god XD
Charlie the Bee (2 years ago)
good job ^^ its pretty funny and you nailed the imagry of the characters.
LucyPoxyGotMoxy (2 years ago)
lol i am watching this show right now its the Ricks must be crazy episode lol
catmixman hi (2 years ago)
Ya anime

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