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Wrapping A Coil For Genesis Style Atomizer!

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Links To All The Vape Gear In This Video at: http://bit.ly/2pgClyu
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Simon Klemesrud-Daly (4 years ago)
Wow your videos got alot better during the past two years
Jay (5 years ago)
@RiP Trippers which size steel mesh do you use 325 or 400
TheBlackheartkids (5 years ago)
Y am I getting a hot spot at the very top? Keeps busting my coil...
Tina Galvez (5 years ago)
where did u get yr drip tip?
FroztiProductions (5 years ago)
No matter my wick it tastes like crap when I rebuild my did
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
This is better. Check it out. Genesis Atomizer Coil Wrapping For A Newbie!
Melissa Pruitt (5 years ago)
Hello I just got my aga hydra in today and ive been trying to figure out why it won't work for me. I did everything you did on your video but every time I fire it up my wick will catch on fire or my coil will catch on fire! I'm completely just beat with this aga hydra! Please help me
Carlos Puentes (5 years ago)
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
These are even better. Genesis Atomizer Coil Wrapping For A Newbie! Genesis Atomizer Hot Spot Fix When Using A VV/VW Device
zssaiyajin (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video man!! I just got my Noble 1 Hybrid today, and thanks to watching your video before I got it, I got it working, first try! It's so rare that I get it right the first time. Must be the teacher, right?
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
It can be a touch loose because the ss mesh will expand when it gets wet.
vapenjoy (5 years ago)
So does the kanthal have to be tight or can it be just a wee loose on the mesh. I think I might be wrapping my coils too tight. My wrap aith 28 gauge with a 3/4 comes to .5 ohms and catches on fire
mr chilli (5 years ago)
MANY thanks!! I've been struggling with hotspots on my Aga-S's and my mini-did clones for ages. I've tried numerous methods without success, but following this vid I finally nailed it! :-)
Cream Of Weber (5 years ago)
That's not true... it can be used on a vv mod... just not one as crappy as a lava tube.
voski35 (5 years ago)
Thanks great vids I got a provari with an RSST
Hugh Jass (5 years ago)
can I use .99 fine silver as a coil ?
Jeremy Martin (5 years ago)
good video! Just got a rebuildable! I have a poldiac so I don't get any error messages (obviously) it doesn't look like I have any hotspots but I wrapped pretty tight around the post. does this cause damage to anything?
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
metal on metal
Justin X (5 years ago)
What cuases hot spots
just watched once..and my Somnium is good to go! really simple and helpful video. THANKS!!!
JohnnySpin (6 years ago)
HELP! I've watched hours of vids and am totally confused as to which mod and which atty to buy! I've bookmarked DOZENS of sites, charts, etc. and so far I've been looking at a DID style tank ($23) from goodprophets, with maybe a Smoktechs Natural mod for about $50? The Bolt Chrome 3.7 from S&S for $21.99?! IDK! I'm an intelligent newb ready to move up! The ? is which mod with which atty/tank system for a reasonably priced start to achieve great vaping, and a new hobby? Love your vids!
Jonathan feldman (6 years ago)
So the AGA T+ just won't work with low rider or lava tube? What type that I can wrap will work with my VV''s? I appreciate that you took the time to answer me. Thank you.
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
You need to use it on a mechanical mod not a vv mod. VV mods have too many safety restrictions.
Jonathan feldman (6 years ago)
I have watched several of your videos several times. I have a lava tube (young June) with an AGA T+. Every time I wrap it, when I fire it it says Lo. I have done it over and over. WHAT could I possibly be doing wrong? I have 32 gauge kanthal,400ss mesh. Thank you for any help you can give.
GOOD (6 years ago)
Hey i just got a cobra rba and tried to vape it out of the box i blew a coil and scorched my lungs im using a silver bullet what did i do wrong? Was i suposed to torch the steel wick im lost
Brad Meyers (6 years ago)
Dav bump down to 325 mesh bro and some 28g kanthal with a 3/4 wrap will smack you in the mouth it's so good
Dawid Ososiński (6 years ago)
HI. I buy aga t2 I using eliquid base 50/50 mix mesh 400 and kanthal A1 0.20. The genesis atomizer is connected to Gus telescopic mod. How meny wraps of coil I need to do to get good tast and kick of eliquid? Mesh with I cutting is 4 cm buy 4.5 cm. Please help because I making 3 wraps and i dont feel any extra intesive tast like kick.
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Because you are using a totally different device brother.
D Hax (6 years ago)
I have a 500 mesh and 28 gauge kanthal wire with a 7/6 wrap and I'm reading on my provari at 1.5 ohms to 1.6 ohms this is on a AGA-t2 with a 3mm mesh wick. The Vapor production is okay but why am I reading higher then you with less wraps?
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Kanthal is much better. Your wick is not completely oxidize. That is why you are getting hotspots. Rip
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Hey Matt, once you have your coil all setup, dry burn it at a lower voltage. Once you see a hotspot, adjust the the coils while dry burning it until all coils are glowing evenly.
Alex Strijewski (6 years ago)
I was also looking for a way to get rid of hot spots. It usually is around the top part of the coil going to the positive post. I am using 36 30 NiChrome wire. Love the video's your great at making a coil and cannot wait to be on that level. Thanks. Much appreciated.
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Use 325 mesh. It wicks much better. If you are going to use 32, I suggest wrapping a 2.3-2.5 ohm wrap at 5-5.5 volts.
GYang (6 years ago)
Rip trippers can u help me? I been trying to build my aga atomizer and had now luck (ss wick). I can't get rid of hot spot!!!
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
More wraps will give you more ohms.
Precisionist1 (6 years ago)
Great vid! Just got a DID/ Genesis Clone Rebuildable Atty. Your procedure says it'll be 1-1.2 ohms. I like to vape 50/50 PG/VG at 2.4 ohms. Is this possible? Can I get 2.4 ohms out of this clone by wrapping more wire or thicker guage wire? Thanks
mustardchief (6 years ago)
That's good to hear! We're looking forward to the AC9 and have our fingers and toes crossed that we get to try the spring-loaded center post, looks perfect!
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Nope, it doesn't effect anything. If anything, it will wick a lot more. :)
mustardchief (6 years ago)
Hey RiP, When you do a double wick, does it matter that you are basically removing all airflow from the center of the wick? My coworker and I are both in on the 2nd run of the AC9 and we both are probably doing a double wick and just wanted to know what you had to say on the lack of any air flow through the wick
InvadingParis (6 years ago)
Thank you
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Hahaha, that sucker will be black black black. :)
InvadingParis (6 years ago)
How do i know when its been oxidized all the way?
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
You are not oxidizing your wick all the way.
InvadingParis (6 years ago)
I keep trying but it keep tasting burnt. What am I doing wrong?
Aron Gatt (6 years ago)
@tiggstah Is that a twisted coil you got there?
Tigglet (6 years ago)
oh, and where do you order your wire and steel mesh? i have the stuff from e-vageDOTgr whilst ordering my DID short that my clear tank broke immediately.
Tigglet (6 years ago)
so, i keep having my coil get all red between the coil and the top mount. how the hell do you stop this? i wrapped a beautiful looking 3 ohm coil and i took the power too high too fast and burned it. :( if i leave the top loose it's a little better but even after an hour taking it over 3.5 does the same thing.
lost Boy (6 years ago)
Thanks so much for this video mate. My DiD is a happier beast now. Cheers.
jayvapes (6 years ago)
your coil in the video is shorted... a tutorial should show a good coil with a good resistance i think... your coil should have more than 2ohms..
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
granddmaster, I did not lose the bottom brass nut. I prefer to leave it out due to the larger wire I am using. Btw, there is no way the positive post can move when the atomizer is attached to a connection. :)
Keith Kencalise Ng (6 years ago)
Thank you so much, Rip Trippers! I followed yr video and finally wrapped a coil without any problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very happy with yr method :-) My DID is @1.7ohm(A-1 32awg) and @3.7V on my Provari V2 Might want to go higher voltage but don't know is it safe. Thanks again, dude!!!!!!
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Darkhand7001, the Provari v2 is the way to go. You get what you pay for. :)
Darkhand7001 (6 years ago)
Is the decision between a provari v2 and a vmax a personal one? which one do you like better? I obviously trust your opinion, I have read my eyes out on the subject and it seems like the provari v2 is badass, but more expensive and the vmax is a cheaper chinese version. But what do YOU prefer? I need to get a new badass battery before you sell your AC9 so I can hotbox my house with vapor! I have money and a destructive desire to pickle my lungs with vapor and my brain with nicotine. Please tell!
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Darkhand7001, even though I have a lavatube, I rarely use it for the AC9. With the AC9, usually I will use the Provari v2, the vmax, bolt, or Telescope. The reason I dont usually vape any of my Genisis attys on the lavatube, is because there is only a 2 amp limit, which means you will NEVER be able to vape over 3.3 volts unless you have a wrap over 2.2 ohms. Which in my opinion, is pointless for any Genisis style atomizer.
Darkhand7001 (6 years ago)
Heya RIP, people really seem to have a hard on for Provari batteries. I want an AC9, and I know in your other vids you show the AC9 on a lavatube and it seemed to work just fine, so will I really need to know the ohms and watts im putting out on an AC9? My lavatube works just fine and I really don't see the point of buying a provari just yet. Im a total genesis style atty virgin btw.
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
mydyinglullaby, yes, I took it off. Personal preference.
vapnaway (6 years ago)
Thanks for your tips RiP really helpful for me. Got both my DIDs up and running nicely now.
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Sorry, themeshcompany
Donne (6 years ago)
can't seem to find it =\ got a link?
Bossplaya Vinny (6 years ago)
good detailed video.....thank you!
Donne (6 years ago)
awesome! i'll try that soon
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Try The Mesh Factory. You should try 200x200, 150x150 and 80x80.
Donne (6 years ago)
where do you get "good" stainless steal mesh other then ebay, RT? i'm doing a beta test for a local vendor and i want to dig in straight to ss mesh. i know you for your rebuildable reviews so your opinion matters greatly to me!
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
The v1 is tried and true.
nerfytheclown (6 years ago)
Can't complain too much....i do love my provari.
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
Yeah, you are definitely missing out, lol. :)
nerfytheclown (6 years ago)
Jealous of the v2 circuitry, man. ONE OHM? I'm pretty sure I'd get e1 right away....the lowest setting on the v1 is 3.3 and it won't push anything past about 1/2 ohm-to-volts. I rock the did (with the standard kanthal they sent) at about 2.2 ohms at 4.5. Still get great battery life, but that's more to do with the 18650 aw imr than anything else.
RiP Trippers (6 years ago)
You're welcome brother.
Wi11ieK (6 years ago)
thanks for the awesome videos can't wait for the AC9

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