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Funny Games US - Pull the trigger scene

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For me, one of the best scenes of the movie. It's horrible the sarcastic way as he faces the suffering of a child, which makes a fantastic scene!
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Flou (2 months ago)
Why do they have to remake it, the old one is already even more creepy
Dennis Reynolds (2 months ago)
Better acting and cinematography in this one. I think the original was an overall better film, but it's mostly just due to the originality of it. You already knew what was going to happen in this if you'd seen the original first. It's the same director...
Cefali' Gian Marco (6 months ago)
Poor lil boy
J Matt (7 months ago)
The dad was such a pussy in that movie and he should be ashamed of himself. There were plenty of chances for him to get up and beat the shit out of those two snot heads, and he sat on the couch whimpering like a puss. And yeah they had guns but there were plenty of opportunities where he could have blindsided them. It was totally unrealistic how 2 frail pretty boys can overtake a family of 3 like that, one being a grown ass man. Just beat the shit out of them! He's a man, at least try to take them out and risk getting shot, rather than sit on the couch whimpering like a bitch. It was aggravating how docile and defenseless the victims were, as if they were being taken over by an army of Syrian rebels. I bet his wife lost all her attraction for him.
Asilentobserver (10 months ago)
Play this over the mic in Pubg when you go into a house someone's in.. Works every time
Matt D (1 year ago)
Hailey Babi (1 year ago)
The kid did a awesome job acting.. I actually felt bad for him.. But not his stupid ass parents.. They had so many opportunities to save their asses . All these guys had was a fucking Golf club
xEazy420 (1 year ago)
Acting's so cringey in this version, Americans ruin everything
Dennis Reynolds (2 months ago)
Are you shitting me? The entire cast was great except for some of the external characters, and obviously the child actor. Even the child actor was decent when you consider how fucked up this movie is. Naomi Watts and Michael Pitt were especially great. It's also funny how you mention Americans when the director is Austrian and the two main protagonists are from the UK. What a joke lol. This is the exact same film but with better visuals and actors, not sure what you're bitching about.
Jesse Barnes (8 months ago)
oh yes, and you're probably so interesting and sophisticated because you shit on Americans.
Joseph Flores (8 months ago)
Very true !!!!
metalheadowls lit af (1 year ago)
all he had to do was knock him in the head a couple of times
Amy Cheever (2 years ago)
the way he says "cock it" makes my panties soaked
Joseph Homan (2 years ago)
Greatest scene ever.The music topped it off
Dicks Butts (2 years ago)
this music hurts my head.
David Taylotr (2 years ago)
+Dicks Butts i don't get godspeed you! black emperor
Asdfghjkl (2 years ago)
Fuck this remake
xEazy420 (1 year ago)
And awful acting
ladyandkidragmen (2 years ago)
It is shot for shot and done by the same director, the only difference is the production quality is higher
K76HGUPO (2 years ago)
worst movie ever 0.3 / 500 a scene from the time the withdrawal of defeat
Parasites (3 years ago)
bone fucking head "hi georgie!"
teenie beenie (1 year ago)
Hi Georgie
Parasites (2 years ago)
Hi Georgie
TheBlackDahlia896 (4 years ago)
This is Jimmy Darmody in his college days. 
Elena Fisher (4 years ago)
The song is "Bonehead" by Naked City
Mythy (4 years ago)
my ears are bleeding from that music tho
GARY J (1 year ago)
I see what u did there
thatasiankid45 (3 years ago)
Would you prefer some Huey Lewis and the news?
Asmah Noordin (3 years ago)
That is the actual theme from the original Funny Games
Jordie Borys (4 years ago)
Such an iconic scene.
DitzyEdits (5 years ago)
Vomit Larva (5 years ago)
RedFireFly2040 (5 years ago)
lol the kids face, god i love this movie
David Daniel (5 years ago)
You can't see what the track contributes to the scene
pu171103 (5 years ago)
I love it when people make total fools of themselves. Way to go champ!
RunningManBTO (5 years ago)
Lol Vomit Larva, it's basically the EXACT same film, same guy made it, same scenes, different actors. The acting was great in the original, but better in this remake. Don't hate it just because it's American.
Rita Leo (5 years ago)
michael pitt is so fucking awesome
Gabriel bn (5 years ago)
that john zorn & naked city song makes the scene totaly terrifying
John Gill (5 years ago)
it just sounds like they are yelling,"I NEED SOME WATERRRRR"
brennen spice (5 years ago)
It's funny because they are both by the same director. And Michael Haneke always intended funny games to be american since the movie is a commentary on how violence is expressed in film nowadays. The acting in the american version is much better.
Vomit Larva (5 years ago)
Vomit Larva (5 years ago)
i wish cho would have killed you.
Vomit Larva (5 years ago)
lol the australian version is so much better than this american piece of shit remake
EpicRainbowLollipop (6 months ago)
ya mean, AUSTRIAN
Solarstar10 (5 years ago)
@Joseph Monaghan because he's fucking awesome.
DJ Hartage (5 years ago)
nope not at all
ToyFan (6 years ago)
Because he was already at that house when the kid finds the dead daughter. When he had the kid cock the gun, he knew from previously being there that it wasn't loaded. If that makes any sense lol
Joseph Monaghan (6 years ago)
how did he kno the gun was not loaded
GogoYubari (6 years ago)
Mmmph (6 years ago)
That's the point of the film. It knows it's a film. Nearly all the violence happens off-screen, and when they show it, they "undo" it. It makes the horror villains the protagonists, and ropes you in with how sadistic it is. It's punishing the viewer for wanting to see death. The casual conversations the two of them have while they're torturing people is commentary on the horror genre. (sorry for the rant: film student)
Agrivated Killah (6 years ago)
Man I never noticed how fucking annoying the background music is.
Hi, Neighbor! (6 years ago)
Great acting by that kid.
cheekypants321 (6 years ago)
Not at all, this movie definitely has a satirical edge to it
CaptainCramer (6 years ago)
That face is the epitome of fear
emily robbins (6 years ago)
Ooh the trigger doesn't work....I'll beat his ass with the gun
Scarlet Morbidity (6 years ago)
I fucking love this movie
DJ Hartage (6 years ago)
LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!! That face is priceless!!!!!
Jason Street (6 years ago)
@jenius124 I am a badass. Look out, we have a smartass over there. JK. Just kidding. XD
jenius124 (6 years ago)
@TheBlackbutler3 Watch out guys, we're dealing with a badass over here.
jordan52xx (6 years ago)
@Blackdragon52k not atall its the best
Texfield91 (7 years ago)
poor kid
Nitruix (7 years ago)
@Blackdragon52k It's comedy vs tragedy; like the two men are in the wrong movie.
TheCandyHole (7 years ago)
@theassortedjellybean yeah brah! if video games have taught me anything it's that I'm an unstoppable god machine!
Yannick Müller (7 years ago)
very very awesome movie !!!!
Ava Lanche (7 years ago)
@Israelichannel4u Naked City - Bonehead
pretorious700 (7 years ago)
@Blackdragon52k yes
Janina Haapakangas (7 years ago)
@TheBlackbutler3 But like you know, it's just a movie. Like in every horror movies or something, someone is going to be killed. First I didn't like that too, until I thought that it's just a movie.
SillyMelancholy (7 years ago)
So awesome.
Jason Street (7 years ago)
in the movie those stupid booky ass gay niggas kill the little boy if they were real i'd torture those niggas
Blackdragon52k (7 years ago)
@TheStfu1000 I think I actually finished watching it right before looking this up lol
TheStfu1000 (7 years ago)
@Blackdragon52k if you watched it rather than just this youtube clip? then certainly yes.
Brie Russell (7 years ago)
@Rogue351 Lol greed? Yes, remaking a movie that few people heard of that had pretty much no chance for commercial success whatsoever is totally greedy. You're a goddamn moron.
Brie Russell (7 years ago)
@Rogue351 AANNNNNNNND you completely fucking missed the point entirely. And if people liked the movie for it's violence they also missed the point and that isn't the fault of the film itself, as it purposely challenged the morals of it's audience.
Brie Russell (7 years ago)
How is it a shitty remake of a good movie when it's the exact same movie made by the same guy? Such logic makes no sense. The only difference is that it has new actors and it's in English. In the old days it was actually rather common for Hollywood studios to remake movies scene for scene but in another language. Haneke likely did a remake because he knew how ignorant Americans are to foreign films.
Billybiscuits13 (7 years ago)
@Freez57fr If "this shitty remake" is just the "same film with American actors" then wouldn't the original also be a shitty film making it not matter which version you watch.
NoirPryme .sinner (7 years ago)
@Freez57fr The creator of the original Funny Games remade it for American audiences...so..ya know..shut up.
DJ Yung Hoxha (7 years ago)
Naked City, such thoughtfull and beautiful music. <3
berbobloo (7 years ago)
@MrWeasley1 I know this comment was made a month ago, but... BEST COMMENT EVAH!
Matthew Trotman (7 years ago)
MentalSelfMutilation, no he ain't that evil!
Reazon Sama (7 years ago)
u should killed that brat, maaan !
INKA (7 years ago)
@GameOfYears Whooo! Thats exactly what I thought!
eddie overs (7 years ago)
one of the best scenes of the movie
Agrivated Killah (7 years ago)
@zShwagg Yeha. PLUS. Even if he had hit him, the other guy would of just hit the rewind button. The family had no chance in hell no matter how hard they try. The film plays on the fact you want the family to overcome the struggle, but in reality you know theres no way in hell that would happen.
Agrivated Killah (7 years ago)
@zShwagg A kid struck with irrational, unimaginable amounts of fear isn't going to be able to get a barry bonds swing on him.
Junkmaster3 (7 years ago)
@St1ckm3npwn Yes he does later in the movie. He is getting killed by the other sadistic guy.
Mental Self Mutilation (7 years ago)
Does he molest the kid or somebody else after this clip?
Johann Aurelius (7 years ago)
Does the kid die? =,=
Blackdragon52k (7 years ago)
Should I feel concerned that I find this movie sadistically hilarious?
cheekypants321 (7 years ago)
neonatalpenguin (7 years ago)
This scene was hilariously funny.
9late4 (7 years ago)
@shotgunfacelift1234 Bone head- Naked city
shotgunfacelift1234 (7 years ago)
What is that song lol
Marcide Marcile (7 years ago)
I didn't think the ending was retarded at all. For me, the whole point of rewinding was playing around with the fact that we always want a "happy ending" and for the bad guy to bite the dust. Instead, when that small sigh of relief comes, he picks up a remote and lets us watch the scene re-enacted, now with the outcome the viewer didn't wish for. basically, this movie is like a cinematic experiment by Haneke.
Korrupt1991 (7 years ago)
first time i watched this movie i couldnt take my eyes off the screen.
Hingle McCringleberry (7 years ago)
michael pitt has the best "psychotic-homicidal-suicidal" face. He just always looks like he wants to kill something
Jade Hatfield (7 years ago)
@GameOfYears He's so HOOOT
JESSxxBAMM (7 years ago)
awww his face at 1:22 bless! love this film
mgrchip (7 years ago)
@Bookluvvers Of course he's got a fourth wall breaking time remote control haha
mgrchip (7 years ago)
1 out of 2 things should of happened at the end, whether he pulled the trigger and a "Bang" flag popped out, or he pulls the trigger looks up and the letters "FML" with the Fail sound (Wah-Wah-Wahhhh) occompanied
Varazdad k (7 years ago)
@Aouas oh keep ur mouth shut ! why don't cha go comment it on the "original One" ? get the hell outta here .
Varazdad k (7 years ago)
@ButtOxe I thought the same :D
sraphael (7 years ago)
Tommy Gnosis went crazy with guilt after stealing Hedwig's songs....and so he should of!
comedianFA (7 years ago)
Dumb parents breed dumb children. Tip all the mother have to do is slap the other guy and tell her friend that the guy try to sexually harass her as the boat approaches. -End of the story. Shall we call it: Mind FUCK Condom? Mind Fuck Chastity Belt? or Reverse Mind FUCK? Mind Fuck Rapex?
SalandFindles (8 years ago)
Hey, is that Michael Pitt?
Buttoxe Pooface (8 years ago)
1:22 LOL
Aouas (8 years ago)
The original film was much better....even though this is replica of the original the performances of the actors(especially the murderers and naomi) are not coming even close..... good movie though The song remained the same(Naked city were ahead of their time)
Nikkita178 (8 years ago)
he should've hit him with the gun lol.
Cristobal Guerrero (8 years ago)
@kateydoo76 It's called bonehead by Naked City.
MeLoveMusiic (8 years ago)
Hi Georgie :D
1aundulxaldin (8 years ago)
You got good taste in scene selections.
Gabriel Diaz (8 years ago)
@7numrat thepeople were not under drugs on this remake the director wanted to show people that this is happening and he said the rewind scene was a way to show people that you can do whatever you want in a film
Gabriel Diaz (8 years ago)
@penola13 thats the best part of the movie
trystanater (8 years ago)
at 1:20 the kids face is funny.

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