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May 19th: Sunday: Br Sean dedicates Morning Prayers Thanking God 4 Our Unitarian Brothers and Sister

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Details about Brother Sean are available by visiting our website at http://taucommunity.com/: May 19th: Sunday: Br Sean dedicates Morning Prayers Thanking God 4 Our Unitarian Brothers and Sisters in Kendal, Cumbria,UK. In our Morning Prayers, Br Sean shares a Thought for Today,”Forgive Your Enemies.”In a period of stillness, you become aware of your vulnerability and struggles as you grapple with your divinity as a child of God. Spirit guides your heart to visualise that Jesus comes to lay His healing hands on your head and heart. Now, discern the voice of the Beloved share with your heart a special message,”I Want You To Know How Secure and Safe You Are In My Presence.”jesus looks into your heart and sees that there are blockages preventing His healing touch releasing your mind and spirit from all negative mindsets. If we nurture fear or allow it to take a firm hold, the heart cannot experience the free flow of Christ’s Healing and Abundance into your life. Take the words of jesus to your heart now,”Come to me all you who labour and are heavily burdened and I will give you my rest! In June 1966, Brother Sean followed his heart at the ripe age of 16 years old to serve God as a nursing monk where he dedicated 8 years of his life as an Alexian Brothers UK & Ireland. In leaving the Religious Nursing order back in 1974 on health grounds, Br Sean was left wandering in the desert for many years but still knew in his heart that the monastic life was for him but not in a community of so many rules and regulations that so often stifle one’s heart. Today, you can serve God from where you live in your monastery without walls, by embracing God in those around you. On Christmas Day Morning December 2010 that was soon to change and the Lord showed the way and now Br Sean is no longer a spiritual refugee but a soul living a simple life as an enclosed contemplative who embraces Celtic Franciscan Interspirituality from his monastery without walls. in the South Lakes, UK. Enjoy this video as every word comes from a heart that was battered and broken but now the heart is free to just be….. Shalom - Peace -Namaste - OmShanti - Pax et Bonum (Rev) Brother Sean TCOSF Founder of the Tau Community of Interfaith Franciscans About the Vision from God for Tau’s hermits: https://franclaraabbeyusa.yolasite.com/ Br’ Sean’s Monastery of Saint Francis (UK) http://monasteryofsaintfrancis.simplesite.com/
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