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Doom II Hell on Earth All secrets in all maps Part 4/4

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Hi there! I finally got the last part of this quest. This part has less secrets than the previous part, but they are more dngerous. Let's find the rest of secrets in the last maps. Maps completed in this part. Inside hell levels: Map 21: Nirvana. Map 22: The Catacombs. Map 23: Barrels O' Fun. Map 24: The Chasm. Map 25: Bloodfalls. Map 26: The Abandoned Mines. Map 27: Monster Condo. Map 28: The Spirit World. Map 29: The Living End. Map 30: Icon of Sin.
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Text Comments (6)
Gustavo (2 years ago)
0:27 LOL
fernando pineda (2 years ago)
Thanks i was waiting for the last part good video
Vladislav SHVYRYAEV (2 years ago)
Ouch, OUCH!
MyCaptainX (2 years ago)
Using GOD code in the console is better, you will keep your health. GOD leaves you in 100% although you have more health.
Vladislav SHVYRYAEV (2 years ago)
+MyCaptainX IDDQD helps
MyCaptainX (2 years ago)
Yes, that hurt.

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