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A PBusardo Review - The DIDs - Genesis Style Rebuildable Attys

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A PBusardo Review - The DIDs - Genesis Style Rebuildable Attys Vendor/Manufacturer website: http://mmvapors.com "Clones" seen in this video: The COV Gen1 from Clouds of Vapor - Not currently available. The gold plated E.O.D. from VaporBitch Ceramic wicks (AKA The FC-2000) seen in this video can be purchased from: www.discountvapers.com www.sandsmods.com A rather long look at the full, and mini sized DIDs including... A comparison between the two. A comparison between them and the Z-Atty Pro. Breaking them down into part. Oxidizing a wick. Installing the wick and re-coiling. Genesis Style atomizer experts wanted for the "Genesis Experiment" See information towards the end of the video. Contact me at [email protected]
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Martina Vaslovik (3 years ago)
I use nothing but gennies, on mechs, (Poldiacs) built with mesh the way God intended, and of the 14 gennies I have the DID comes out on top every time. By comparison the Z-Atty is a piece of shit designed by a stupid and arrogant bearded muppet who doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. I very much regret buying that worthless Z-Atty, there's no fucking way to get it to vape worth a shit.
Martina Vaslovik (4 years ago)
No Phil, it's not tricky to set up, and especially not on a mech, which is all a gennie should ever be on. I cringe when I see people putting them on a Provari. What on earth are they thinking?
Austin Elliott (5 years ago)
love the beginning! awesome!
Dennis Santos (5 years ago)
I used flat kanthal on my Pulse G clone and it vapes like a champ. I first annealed the kanthal with a lighter to take the spring away and just rolled it onto the wick, out of the genny, holding it with one hand. I got a nice tight coil.
Dennis Santos (5 years ago)
I used flat kanthal on my Pulse G clone and it vapes like a champ. I first annealed the kanthal with a lighter to take the spring away and just rolled it onto the wick, out of the genny, holding it with one hand. I got a nice tight coil.
Critical Mindset (5 years ago)
Until I tried braided wire, I hated Genny-style. The secret to Genesis-style is to use a braided/twisted Kanthal. I use a twisted 30ga and sterilized organic cotton wick. 7/6 wrap comes out to .6 w/ a dual coil build. The physics of it is wonderful. It takes a good 2-3 seconds for braided Kanthal to ramp up, which draws the liquid up slowly, but plentifully. Then it just straight murders it with the increased surface area. Insane flavor, and great vapor. It's right up there with Ithaka/KFL+ style for flavor, if not better in some cases. Great for mouth-to-lung draws too.
mikeb2623 (5 years ago)
Hey P, How did you get to be such a pimp? You are truly the H.N.I.C when it comes to vaping.
Sig Shooter (5 years ago)
Who is the original genesis atty' creator?
Yang Chen (5 years ago)
I like this video!
br3ttwalker (5 years ago)
you ever try a silica wick in a genesis atty?
Pegasus Vapor Academy (5 years ago)
Phil, in this video you mentioned clones. Could you do an interview with people like Zen, Doc Dave, Doodlebug, etc.... Since the release of knockoffs did their sales go up or down? I feel that people who are willing to spend over 100 bux on an original will buy it regardless, and people who are shaken by the high prices wouldn't buy the high end stuff anyways. So if anything, clones could possibly increase the popularity of an item and actually increase the sales for these guys.
John Lodgejjohnlodge (5 years ago)
Pretty cool new to vaping a little older. Tired going to shop to to make a wick . Big help Phil!
Patrick (5 years ago)
I've tried many a Rba, and for my money, you just don't get better than the DID, or the did short. The AGA-t2 is fantastic for the price but nowhere even close to the quality and flavor you get from the DID.
GTTwincam (5 years ago)
I started vaping 41 days ago, today i set up my first genny with about 5 minutes of fiddling. Ended up at 1,2 ohms and i'm loving it, vapes perfect at about 12watts without tilting or dry burning at all. It made a sweet melon taste i have alot sweeter and tons of vapour :D
Papo Pagan (5 years ago)
I thought their wicks were pre-oxidized. Am I wrong?
Adam (5 years ago)
Hexavelant Chromium 6 floating around in the water at 40:30
Adam (5 years ago)
Hexavelant Chromium 6 floating around in the water at 40:30
love the intro with tin man Hahaha
Tagseim (5 years ago)
Can you just use Ekowool cotton core wick instead of using steel mesh?
Cajunsteaming (5 years ago)
I have perfected my wick and don't tilt. Being a eng. I know how to wind it.
Albert Shu (5 years ago)
How do you oxidize the wick? coil? etc.
grizzlyrunfast (5 years ago)
MIKE! I agree, this review Phill didn't know shit...now he thinks he knows some stuff and i guess perception is reality...he should redo this review with a POWDI! :P ... MEOW
grizzlyrunfast (5 years ago)
yes and it is also very hot compared to larger chamber atties
Doghead 007 (6 years ago)
Does the mini did produce better flavor since chamber is smaller?
dubaron84 (6 years ago)
Do I need a giant battery for these things ? could you use like an ego battery ? And great job with a 55 min review
Mike Howard (6 years ago)
time to re do this review i think now that ur experienced with gennys
MrToxicstone (6 years ago)
What am i doing wrong, i have a Prodigy V3.1 with LV 510 and i get very little smoke and it taste either burn or nicotine (think burn). I see on your video that you are not get as much smoke as others do but atleast more then me. Wanna stop smoking but as it is now i will not cause it does not give me so much.
TechDriverUpdate 28 (6 years ago)
hey busardo, not trying to be a smart ass here just a question, if you're dripping juice literally right on top of a red hot coil isn't that just smoking? are you no longer vaping when you do that? o.O
Gabriel Gelinas (6 years ago)
Hey Phil, Maybe for the ceramic wicks, you could try a hybrid with a thin 320 or lower outer layer of ss mesh. I think that might strengthen it enough to get your coil wrapped and be able to try the ceramic wicks that way. If you do try it, let us know how it worked in a video. Thanks Phil; love your videos!! ~ Gabe Gelinas
Jessica Tetsuki (6 years ago)
the oxidation part scares me. I like fire and it likes to burn me lol
ergun ardic (6 years ago)
One more last think,I used 0.16mm wire and bad quality glassfiber ,it gave me a burn taste,I have found the right choice of wire and glassfiber...0.2mm kanthal A-1 wire and high quality glassfiber with 2.4 ohm coil much much better...
ergun ardic (6 years ago)
I have tested genemiser and I could taste the liquid and when I use vivi nova 2.5ml I dont taste the liquid in my mouth,I guess liquid is not vaping good with genesis,I think vivi nova vapes much better then genesis style and vivi nova gives a smooth smoke,vivi nova vapour much better with 0.2mm wire and high quality wick glassfiber and 2.4ohm is ideal to vapour or smoke,genesis style makes smoking very bad liquid does not vapour smooth,as long as you get nicotine who cares if you have throathit
mmanda515 (6 years ago)
An extremely thorough, non-biased & amazingly demonstrated review that's filled w/ all the proper comparisons & honest opinions too! Wow.. Thanks for yet another of your stellar reviews, Phil.... truly stellar!! :) Amanda
Phil Kappe (6 years ago)
I hates my AGA when I first got it. Switched from SS to Silica and the difference is night and day with taste, consistancy and setup. The setup took me about 5 minutes as opposed to a SS wick which takes me about 20-30 minutes. The problem I was constantly having with the SS wick was sometimes I would get hot spots, dry burns and metallic taste. Now there are different ways you can do a silica setup and I found the best is to just fold over the silica on top of itself 3 times.
Husna Alamani (6 years ago)
phil,i got the clone DID to expeirment ,because its cheaper here in malaysia,wonder is it workble like the original one,.the only hot spot i got is next to the top post,wonder have u ever try rebuilding the clone DID.and any advise for this problem..thank phil
MisterMannerisms (6 years ago)
IMO, no matter how "good" you get the gennys to work, if you don't like the genny hit, it won't matter. I got the Z-Atty-Pro and the DID producing insane clouds of vapor (and I do mean insane), but I could NOT get past, no matter how hard I tried, that airy (or "open") hit for anything. For me, that kind of hit is not a TH but more like a TS (throat scratch). One pain for me is that so many gennys look remarkable, but for me, the vape is not trumping high-quality (standard) attys.
SIGSAG (6 years ago)
just take some 0mg no flavoured liquid, i use pure vg. You can also use flavoured nic. liquid, but i dont recommend it.
Schleppy13 (6 years ago)
This might sound like a dumb question but do you think you can use a cigarette roller to get your wick rolling started?
Özgür Kaymak (6 years ago)
busardo watch this, and think a bit more about The DiD ;) search 4 "Cholo With The DiD Genesis part2" and stop playing with the did :D u think 2 much about pro's & contras. u need more pratice, zen is nothing against "The DiD" because "The DiD" did it !
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Just some no-flavor liquid I have left over from the nic test kit review I did.
tredstone (6 years ago)
hi after you de-oxidised the wick what was the liquid you poured on the wick and then burnt off? can i use one of my flavoured juice to do that?or is it some special liquid.?
Timmy Chin (6 years ago)
Funniest intro ever HAHAHAH rofl
M Vio (6 years ago)
An excellent video for the beginners in genesis style atty's , that almost all should watch before jumping to buy those !
vapdivrr (6 years ago)
phil if you start liking the gennys better and start vaping them more try a lower resistance with them. for the most part they produce more vapor & better flavor at low resistances. for the provari v-2, a resistance of 1.2 to 1.6 is awesome, this will need to be done with at least 30g wire
vapdivrr (6 years ago)
phil, the main reason i believe that your resistance is not stable is the 32g wire. the 32g is pretty thin and expands & contracts alot more then a thicker wire. 30g wire is alot better for stability, and 28g is even better, also a thicker wire will give you a much better flavor.
Sarah Moratto (6 years ago)
Thank you for comparing the DID to one of the clones. It's difficult to find unbiased reviews that compare two options as well as you do. The information is great and the high quality recording makes a huge difference in helping me make the right decision. Thanks Phil.
Night Hawk (6 years ago)
hows the taste on these ? with all the burning and whatnot. compared to the vivi nova..?
Moving2U (6 years ago)
You have a wicking problem.
darth420vader (6 years ago)
I know its only been about a month, but how do you feel about genesis style atomizers now? Is there a follow up video, or a video where you discuss how you feel about genesis atomizers now? Great review by they way.
Billy Heaning (6 years ago)
Holy crap, this brings me back to my IV:XX days. Yeah, Roman Numerals.
Drejan Pa'dasoreb (6 years ago)
Well, Phil. You walked me through my phoenix with your bulldog review. You walked me through rebuilding vivi nova heads (which I do regularly, now.) And tomorrow, you will be walking me through my first genesis coil for my AGA-T2. Wish me luck :o
Nanology (6 years ago)
Rip Trippers did something cool with a wrapped ceramic wick!
ainulindale (6 years ago)
I cant wait for the AGA-T review!!
tarah300 (6 years ago)
Thanx, that's my favorite one. I have quite the collection. It seems my vaping equipment is becoming quite the collection too. =)
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Very much appreciated Tarah! I'm really glad it's helping. And I love your guitar.
tarah300 (6 years ago)
Phil, I appreciate you and everything you do. I am going on two months vaping, and have seriously appreciated all the effort you've put into your videos and website. I couldn't have navigated the confusing world of vaping with out your guidance. Keep up the stellar work!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Gotta check it. Yes, I played with twisted/braided 32g. Put a post up about it on TYJ. Search "DID SOME DIDING TONIGHT" it should come up.
grizzlyrunfast (6 years ago)
just uploaded a video of a coil i just built, twisted 32g 3 wraps at .6 ohms it's crazy, try some twisted wire if you haven't already. Also you plan on doing any reviews of some cheap mechs? i mostly deal with high end mechs but want to get a cheapy for outta the house/to lend to friends and such. the iSeason seems great and was hoping you'd do a review. all brass contacts, it's the adam clone.
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Very much appreciated xSgtSxy, but be nice. :-) Everyone has a right to their opinion.
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Thanks bud! Personally, I WANT to have viewers see me fumble, fiddle, learn, and grow. I'm not an elitist and appreciate learning from other peoples ideas and growing in my vape experiences because of that!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Thanks for answering Running!!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Ha! Take your time. If you're using a mech, just pulse it quickly as you work out your hotspots and if you're using a VV/VW, bring your volts/watts way down and work your way up as you work out the hotpots.
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Yes sir!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
I think I said I was a "carto guy" like a year ago. We're not allowed to grow?
pbusardo (6 years ago)
We all have to start somewhere.
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Nothing wrong with that AGA T!! I love mine!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Definitely Grizzly! It's something I've learned since this video. That was the "Genesis Epiphany". 1 or sub 1 on a mech is just a brilliant vape.
evelwmn (6 years ago)
Rick Sievers (6 years ago)
I'm now using wicks without oxidizing them. Now my juice doesn't get dark at all and it allows them to be cleaned.
pbusardo (6 years ago)
HA! You got it! Use whatever works for you and only take is as far as your comfortable with!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
pbusardo (6 years ago)
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Yeah, I've been doing that with the ceramics so I can stop breaking them! :-)
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Thanks Amp!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
I've heard MONTHS in some cases. I've heard people change them out once a week. I'm sure there are a LOT of variables that come into play here.
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Yep, I've learned a lot since this vid thanks to all the helpful hints from viewers. This is one of them. Thank you!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
In this case blade you are correct. However, each one has their own build characteristics and designs. When someone uses the concept, that's one thing. When someone completely duplicates a unit, that's something a little different.
pbusardo (6 years ago)
No atalistings, sorry! :-(
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Thanks Angel!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
I know, that top one is a real pain in the ass! Some people put a small kink in the wire where it connects to the top part. Others will tell you to bend the wick in towards the center post (without it touching) so it has a very short run to the wick. Others will just play with it until it works correctly. No one is right or wrong, just try different methods until you get it to work for you.
pbusardo (6 years ago)
You'll love the EA and THANK YOU! :-)
pbusardo (6 years ago)
HA! Nice! I have a method named after me! :-)
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Thanks very much vader!! Yes, I've started to torch my wire as well. Much easier to work with. Thanks for the tips!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
I DID it!
pbusardo (6 years ago)
Perhaps a movie and some flowers as well? :-)
Sgt Sxy (6 years ago)
grizzlyrunfast, you're a fucking tool. Get over yourself and elitist attitude. Gen style atomizers are not difficult to use, understand or master. A few hours with one and you're at the same level as everyone else. Phil is the best e-cig reviewer and your shit opinions are not needed.
runninonempiy (6 years ago)
D I D is the initials of the guy who makes them and atty is short for atomizer.If your a newby I would suggest buying a couple styes of clearomizer tanks before jumping into one of these.
runninonempiy (6 years ago)
Hi Phil.it's been awhile I had a move to my new house.GREAT JOB on this review!Gen pros commenting here don't get it.I have been watching you for a year and watching you ever since and I have for the lack of a better term evolved with you.And I also have purchased a DID and went through this hellish learning process.This is the perfect way to review these atty's to show the learning process.Lord knows just trying to purchase one was a process in itself when Zen first attempted to sell these.
runninonempiy (6 years ago)
More juice burns on your wick and bring your voltage WAY down until you adjust away your hot spots.
Jerwin Lazarte (6 years ago)
Hi phil, what does DIDs and Attys stands for? Sorry, im a newbie. :)
jjwill9982 (6 years ago)
i just got the agat2 and i had a genesis epiphany too...:)...really liking it now. for ur info i spend around 6 hours or more to get my clone did to work. almost gave up. anyway from my experience. once u get it... ur set.did not have issues for setting up the aga t
Edgar (6 years ago)
damn it, I've done 2 wicks now. Step by step following this vid. and it still shorts out and coil jsut pops off the second I press button!!! Rage is infinite!!
grizzlyrunfast (6 years ago)
try a sub 1 ohm coil and it won't "take a while" to heat up...that's how a genny should be used
Paul J Kimberlee (6 years ago)
No longer a problem on the new version of the Aga-T which has O-rings to seal the top, rather than a screw top.
CowTownVapor (6 years ago)
love the taste of a fresh wick i get about 1-2 tanks of bobas thru it and it gose's south with 400 mesh your coil depending on how you vape i like 5-6 wraps if not 6-7 wraps using 32awg size idk ? im vaping on twist at 3.2 to 3.4 and some on a reg ego which is always to hot burns to quick to much heat steep's juice quick Ive tried thin one and 1/2wraped mesh and 2 or 3 times wrapped mesh my coils glow from center out no hot spots hopeing ceramic mabe be different
CowTownVapor (6 years ago)
dang i wished i'd have seen this befor i ordered the aga t2 on and btw the only reason to sand paper the top peace is because of clones knock offs they don't make sure hole lines up before they ship should we have to sand NO but because of the price difference we don't mind doing a few extra things to make our devices suit our needs and save money
William Porter (6 years ago)
Thanks for confirming that RBA's aren't for me. I'll just stick with my cartos and tanks, thanks!
James Z (6 years ago)
I'm not sure if anyone mentioned yet, but the O-rings are missing on the inner tube of the mini DID. that's why your center post was wet near the 510 connection. But glad you're enjoying genesis atties with the rest of us.
schalter (6 years ago)
About time Phil! Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers!
AmpEdition (6 years ago)
by the way, he shows how to wrap the coil around the wick before putting it in the tank, which makes it even easier if you ask me

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