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Japanese P*NIS Shaped Cartoon Character? Interesting... | Sharla's Life

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Japan is so much fun. For an in depth explanation on "penis man" check out Duncan's video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYY48JaqyZo MY MAIN CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/jyuusankaidan .✧Follow Me✧. ----------------------------------------­­------------------------------------ ▶︎ TWITTER http://twitter.com/annyeongsharla ▶︎ INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/annyeongsharla Music: Kevin MacLeod http://www.incompetech.com
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Text Comments (122)
msrdo20 (2 months ago)
cutthroat abk (6 months ago)
Vh kgvv b vn🍷
cutthroat abk (6 months ago)
Mag Sys (1 year ago)
Linda Cundiff (1 year ago)
Bad enough I had a bad vision of a walking penis with 2 eye balls one time :(
Amal Farah (2 years ago)
エース (2 years ago)
えっなに? 日本こんなの販売してたの?笑
くく (2 years ago)
Zhou Jiajun Jasmine (2 years ago)
Which shop is this and where is it located at? The rest of the stuff in the background looks amazing too
j. (2 years ago)
what a time to be alive
Francis II Rakoczi (3 years ago)
Does penis man head grows when you touch it?
Wayne Uehara (3 years ago)
Gab Desch (3 years ago)
TheConstantHater (4 years ago)
Substitute for a dildo I suppose
eiskatze (4 years ago)
It seems to be Mr. No from Tiger Mask. Lol, you perv. :D
kiki lala (4 years ago)
it doesnt look penis shaped to me ?
Jean Triumph (4 years ago)
Great present for bf or bro...lmao...
Sharmander (4 years ago)
Maybe I'll get one for my Dad for christmas this year xD;; 
kootney1c3 (4 years ago)
Is that supposed to be Penis Man? It looks like it could be a misprint or some kind of doll that the purchaser is supposed to decorate/draw faces on... just a thought!
Abby Williams (4 years ago)
Oh my god Japan whyyy ;-; XD
pachumelyn (4 years ago)
Cauchemar TV (1 year ago)
pachumelyn p
upsycho.kittyu (4 years ago)
Omg I died when you said "I give you,Penis man." xDDDD
Allan Huang (4 years ago)
Lol why does it say no in the penis!!
ccbean (4 years ago)
I think it means "don't be a dickhead". Since the NO is there :P
Sei Sakata (4 years ago)
Damn that dirty mind It's not even penis lel
Ninelie (4 years ago)
I love the Gundam opening playing in the store xD
Nikko Sisowath (4 years ago)
Are you sure he just doesn't have a LONG neck? lol wwww
Kian Aek Ong (4 years ago)
Bwahahahahahahahaha ... Japan really have amusing stuff for sale ... motivates me to work harder so I can move my company to Japan and live there
trigolis (4 years ago)
lol, is the female version called Vag-girl?
I'm Just A Dave (4 years ago)
WOW!! Hilarious!
Olympic Gaming (4 years ago)
Corny jokes incoming!.......so i guess he's a "Grab" and go type a guy huh?............he's the friend to go to when things gets "Hard"?.........he can be a "stand up" guy at times........life is like a dick, when it gets hard..FUCK IT!.....and the list goes on lol
Imagine A Band (4 years ago)
My brother has that, my family lives in Japan and he always collect it ⊙_⊙
Imagine A Band (4 years ago)
My brother has that, my family lives in Japan and he always collect it ⊙_⊙
Beauty and the Baby (4 years ago)
Its things like this that make moving to Japan even more exciting than it already is lol
Octavio Navarro (4 years ago)
wait a minute, no vagina woman? 
LisaRanae (4 years ago)
Ah wow that's hilarious xD I'd definitely buy it for the laughs myself. I just wonder if the toy makers were serious when making this or if it was made to be just as much of a joke as we think it is. Oh the wonders of penis man!
WorldCitizen06 (4 years ago)
What just happened here? :O
Samuel Bruenger (4 years ago)
He's got a great head on his shoulders....
OkanoTV (4 years ago)
OMG...It looked like a gross looking finger to me haha
spider man (4 years ago)
漫画原作でanimeにもなった(約40年前)『タイガーマスク』の、 『Mr.No』っていうキャラクターですw
あれよう (4 years ago)
Edward Nigma (4 years ago)
I find it weird that he is Anatomically a ken doll... a penis for the head, but apparently one where it's supposed to be is a step too far. (LOL)
ChelsRen (4 years ago)
I thought it was the guy from the video "late for meeting"
nicodemus82 (4 years ago)
it's a little ironic that Penis Man doesn't actually have a penis lol
NoLちゃんねる (4 years ago)
purplerock00 (4 years ago)
closetwarrior (4 years ago)
I started watching this, and immediately had to skip to the end to make sure you bought it. I literally can't handle it.
dejet2 (4 years ago)
Definitely a steal for $5
hotaruyoru (4 years ago)
So creepy!
Roy Ross (4 years ago)
I'm assuming........No Vajayjay woman / girl ? 
Hippychu (4 years ago)
Kristie McDOnOugh (4 years ago)
Haha only in japan
Marko Esp (4 years ago)
oh god lol
Victor Takeshi (4 years ago)
ironically, the penis man has no penis lol
Fernanda Hernández (4 years ago)
I want a penisman. well...actually that sounds so wrong >.< like "mom I'm going to japan to buy a penisman ciaooo"
ShabinSify (4 years ago)
penis man is life penis man is love penis man is...*whispers* everything you desire
John S (4 years ago)
Really? Penis man? haha wtf.
Najwa Hanani (4 years ago)
That's like a literal form of a person who we would call a "dickhead"! Lolzzzzzz!!!! XD
TOM Book (4 years ago)
I'm pretty sure u like 万代書店, please check it out
Jonathan McCorkell (4 years ago)
More Nakano plz
Stop Thank you (4 years ago)
Do you think there's a Vagwoman?
Michaelさん (4 years ago)
Not one, but two active Sharla accounts with awesome videos? It's not even Christmas though!? :D
crossfadeking (4 years ago)
He probably has a testicular twin
Sharmander (4 years ago)
I'd buy it. 
Marmalade (4 years ago)
OMG the background was 7th trigger by UVERworld!
El Dorado (4 years ago)
satsumadon (4 years ago)
あぁ~。 あこがれの シャーラちゃんが、  こわれて く ・・ ・   (´;ω;`) さ よ お な ら ぁ~       ヾ(´・ з ・`)。  
Pirta (4 years ago)
PONIS MAN I don't know if it has a function I don't even care I need one I don't know why I just do :l
Pirta (4 years ago)
um, YES? :DDDD
Sharla in Japan (4 years ago)
Shall I do a penisman giveaway? xD;
marvin TNT (4 years ago)
The name NO FACE MAN wasn't on the package?
MariaTeru18 (4 years ago)
Who's the one laughing in the background when you said "Penis Man!"? xD
Sharla in Japan (4 years ago)
Oh that's some awesome viewers that I ran into in Harajuku and we went shopping together xD they also make videos! you can find one of their channels if you search for "She who loves Japan" :D
HypeMan (4 years ago)
You just have to flip him around to turn him "ON" ;)
Retro Controller (4 years ago)
This channel's been pretty busy. YAY! ^.^
Sharla in Japan (4 years ago)
Connor Tsunami (4 years ago)
One might possibly say that he is a....dick head *crickets*
Sharla in Japan (4 years ago)
Someone had to say it xD;
Tally Ho (4 years ago)
deep in Japan と被るから、名前を変えたんだね?
Sharla in Japan (4 years ago)
いやっこれは別のチャンネルですよw Sharla in Japanまだ持ってますw
SuperPezun (4 years ago)
Mr.No 必殺技は「アイアン・ヘッドバット」 先っちょの部分には鋼鉄の玉が入っているそうです。凄い。
Sharla in Japan (4 years ago)
Steven Chua (4 years ago)
Mohammad Ziab (4 years ago)
Who mad it . what he or she were thinking about ??
Lujain Ahmad (4 years ago)
Awesome video , your beautiful so much ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
ElSuperbeardo (4 years ago)
What would Penis Man's superpowers be?  You know what...on second thought...I don't want to know.
Nebuloid1 (4 years ago)
what about the service bell in his hand, what service is he providing !?
TheTristanoz (4 years ago)
Thanks, my hotel is one stop from Nakano, I guess I have to buy penisman now...
Barrenger (4 years ago)
I'm kind of afraid of what the female of the species would look like!!!!!!!
Shane Kinahan (4 years ago)
That shirt is getting miles love it!
jose miguel gomez (8 months ago)
Shane Kinahan8943443328maria
Anwar (4 years ago)
MrTOMMY1022 (4 years ago)
ペニスマン500円もするのか 笑
Sharmander (4 years ago)
Chris Jack (4 years ago)
I just looked up Tiger mask vs Mr. No. The video was... there are no words.
MrBitterolequeen (4 years ago)
+Sharla's Life ♡ Now you have to see if there is a Mrs No doll...hmmm? Ha ha ha...
Chris Jack (4 years ago)
Can't wait, good luck.
Sharmander (4 years ago)
+MrBitterolequeen HAHA oh god. Ok. I'll film one soon xD;; 
Chris Jack (4 years ago)
I really hope you do, that would be hilarious.
MrBitterolequeen (4 years ago)
+Sharla in Japan You MUST DO A REACTION VIDEO... OMG... I looked it up and could not believe what I was seeing. So wrong! You and Mini Mr.No can watch together! 
Sydney Wick (4 years ago)
What a beautiful creation....
YorickReturns (4 years ago)
Sharla, I'll be your penis man hahahahaha
calliopium (4 years ago)
oh my god HAHAHA. it probably says "NO" as a way to reaffirm that should be everyone's initial reaction. 
Ines Abidat (1 year ago)
calliopium j Lk1la
Sharmander (4 years ago)
Miss Misery (4 years ago)
What a way to spend your money, Sharla! ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞
Sandra No Sekai (4 years ago)
Simheya Franco (1 year ago)
Sandra No Sekai jhf
Olympic Gaming (4 years ago)
+Sharla's Life ♡ that's what she said :)
Sharmander (4 years ago)
Julio Mario (4 years ago)
wtf jajaja
Proprioacaso (4 years ago)
"I give you: Penis Man" ..my youtube crashed..twice.
Jessica Pepe (4 years ago)
That's Japan For You :P
akihiro0831 (4 years ago)
山田太郎 (4 years ago)
それはアニメ タイガーマスクに登場するミスターノーです。
Sharmander (4 years ago)
Nyssa (4 years ago)
Penis man, to the rescue of all lonely citizens!
americanfairy (4 years ago)
O.O That's... really disturbing.
Rachel and Jun (4 years ago)

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