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Funny Games (1997) - Trailer

1340 ratings | 922246 views
Der Trailer vom Austrofilm FUNNY GAMES. Mit Ulrich Mühe, Susanne Lothar und Arno Frisch. Diese Szenen sind nicht aus dem Remake von 2007, sondern aus dem Original-Film von 1997. © Michael Haneke
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Text Comments (537)
Soren Amarillo (24 days ago)
Robert Sinnott (27 days ago)
Arno frisch is chilling!!!!
Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn (1 month ago)
machen sie mit....dann werden sie fit!
Umpasend die Musik die ab Sekunde 36 kommt für das das es in dieser Film Brutal, Humorlos, und Hunzgemein geht
damian latimer (2 months ago)
This version was a trip
Ivan Dulay (2 months ago)
i'm afraid to rewatch it. the plot left me mentally disturbed
Hy2929 _31 (3 months ago)
The new copy is great
sausage (3 months ago)
okropny a zarazem niesamowity...
Typing Dot (3 months ago)
This looks like a rip off of A Clockwork Orange if you want to be violated watch that....
leeleeturn (21 days ago)
not even remotely similar. That movie i liked but this one is practically unwatchable unless you like torturing yourself.
Sander Nielsen (3 months ago)
I don't which remake of this film which is worse the 2007 remake or The Purge.
zagoon ray (3 months ago)
Grossartiger Film! Klar, dass der beim Dumpfbacken-Konsumenten nicht ankommt. Braucht einen gewissen Intellekt, sonst ist man schnell überfordert! Ein Meisterwerk!
José Miguel García (4 months ago)
Paul one the most inhumans villians ever
J. Célèste Kee (5 months ago)
I watched this back to back with the Piano Teacher and I was SHOOK. Michael Haneke did not come to play y'all!!
J. Célèste Kee (5 months ago)
I watched this back to back with the Piano Teacher and I was SHOOKETH. Michael Haneke did not come to play y'all!!
Mateusz094234 (5 months ago)
The german version is much better than the U.S. movie.
Corey Harrison (6 months ago)
Seems a little stagey, is it any good ?
Psycho Boba (6 months ago)
Ober Genialer Film.....Wer bei dem Film keine Gefühle zeigt, ist Gefühlskalt.
imAweeb (6 months ago)
This film offends me
neem k (7 months ago)
i dont get how people find this disturbing i only watched the 2007 version but still it was just kind of funny
Travis Rabble (7 months ago)
The moral of the film is that humans enjoy watching violence and death and are inherently a corrupt and intrinsically evil species.
OguzGaming (8 months ago)
Ahahahahaha am Ende das ist doch Yugi Mutos Stimme 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Arninho Dübelinho (9 months ago)
der film ist der abolute vollschrott
DV DV (4 months ago)
Arninho Dübelinho absolut. Besonders die letzten 60minuten. Sinnlos und zum einschlafen.
Okkvltify (10 months ago)
One of the sickest (and best) movies ever
e z (11 months ago)
Watched the US version back in the day, was really disturbing, tried to rewatch it again just now but on the original version. I shut it off about 40 minutes in, couldn't do it..
Jim R (11 months ago)
Possibly the most disturbing film ever made. There's always the comparison between the 1997 German version and the 2008 American version. It's the same film shot for shot and all actors are outstanding. I won't say one is better than the other however I will give the edge to the German only because I was not familiar with the actors so it made the film that much more real. A film that brings you to the unthinkable with no release.
Serbian Rock (1 year ago)
I hate this movie!
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graziwa (1 year ago)
Don't forget the entertainment value. We'd all be deprived of our pleasure!!!! soooooooo good!!!!!
Space Invader (1 year ago)
Better that US version
Aiko Alonso (1 year ago)
This movie is so fuckin good and creepy.
spoken reason (1 year ago)
Its one of those movies that leaves you feeling disturbed by the end.. Yet you cant help but watch it again and again.
Hellchen317 (1 year ago)
This movie is so good it hurts. Like, literally. It hurts to watch but in such a brillant way.
Enikö Butkai (1 year ago)
ein unglaublicher Film
jerste (1 year ago)
So far the worst movie I've ever seen, mostly because of its intellectual dishonesty and the author's limitations when laying down character who are just shallow.
ccod (1 year ago)
the father of the family in this film is such a weak cuck. Literally the most useless male on earth, he deserves everything he gets in this film
leeleeturn (21 days ago)
you need to put through that, armchair quarterback
Aviral Srivastava (5 months ago)
Literally what kind of a man let his wife be alone with 2 unknown males
ccod (11 months ago)
Vladimir Tesin same
Vladimir Tesin (11 months ago)
ccod still outraged
ccod (1 year ago)
Vladimir Tesin still so outraged about this character lmao
Kindah (4 months ago)
Lol These 2 had no guns, no knives, no martial art techniqhes, absolutely nothing in the beginning to make them a threat lol! The couple and child outnumbered them. HOW THE HELL DID THEY NOT WIN!! I dare them to try and pull this off to a family here in America! We would've destroyed them the minute they even TRIED to touch 1 of us. Then grabbed our guns or any weapon or hard thing and slaughtered them in 5 seconds flat, kicked them out then called the police. The married pair are both wussies. I can't imagine my husband being this much a weak wussy. Why didn't they and their kid grab a golf club and and start beating their asses? Or just punch the motherfucker for goodness sake and kick em out! This movie is dumb.
D Alexander Berry (10 days ago)
+Kindah you know people actually get murdered and tortured and kidnapped and held hostage in the real world right Sometimes things just don't work out. people freeze or fail to act.
Kindah (2 months ago)
+Tyler Durden How so? So here's another guy who won't help his wife defend the family.
Tyler Durden (3 months ago)
So naive
Kindah (5 months ago)
Ne La what does the beginning have to do with defending yourself when need be?
Kindah (4 months ago)
Kyle Henderson So what's your point? You won't defend yourself and family if 2 Psychopaths came into your home and tried to cause harm? Seems like you'd be the type of husband and father in this film. And I don't know any woman who would marry a man like that or any daughter or sister that would respect a father and brother like that.
Brett .Davies (1 year ago)
Hattest du nicht nur die scheisse ause diesen kleinen ftoze geschlagen und sie aus der Tur geworfen? Sag eingfach.
Very Nice (1 year ago)
That was a well done trailer
Trevor Phillips (1 year ago)
Ist das nicht die Stimme von Anakin Skywalker am ende?
KaneZeroX Channel (1 year ago)
can't decide which one to watch. remake or original. fuck it, gonna watch two of them.
KaneZeroX Channel (1 year ago)
Savannah King yeah, it kind of. Both of the version are the same story.
Иля Попов (1 year ago)
Funny austrian gypsies .Please come back in Russia again:)
Schniblogg (1 year ago)
Das remake ist 1000 mal besser.
Schniblogg (1 year ago)
Siegfried von Hammerstahl doch, habe beide gesehen
Schniblogg Nein.
Sang Hendrix (1 year ago)
Oh my god that house looks the same with the house in the remake version. Everything looks the same.
Floexiana (1 year ago)
thats a good wwe
idol hands (1 year ago)
i love everyone in the comments who understand michael hanekes work. i find it rare to meet someone in real life who does so i have to resort to the internet. kudos.
Dragon Girl (1 year ago)
I liked the remake
Lustov (1 year ago)
This film is just shit , boring as hell. I rate 1/10
j yaman (1 year ago)
Lustov. Couldn't agree more, this movie does nothing for me.
Truong tho Lam (1 year ago)
What's the name of song at the final trailer
KISA inWONDERLAND (2 months ago)
Hall of the Mountain King
I dont know about this one , but the American one was incredibly good.. I loved it..
Alvaro Araujo (1 year ago)
Esta película es la original, y a pesar de que son prácticamente lo mismo, el realismo de la primera impacta más, me refiero al desarrollo de los mismos actores.
Gemma Lewis (1 year ago)
This film affected me and I still shudder when I think about it, 10 years on. The little boy :(
Propaganda Minister (1 year ago)
i watched this and it was ok but not that awesome. i think i saw the remake and maybe not uncut. can this be the reason why i not liked the movie that much? is the 1997 or uncut a lot better? if you ask me the movie eden lake was better in telling you "this is a revenge movie" just to laugh at the end "no happy end for you".
Matt Dean (1 year ago)
yo my name is jeffNICE TO MEET YOU! - i make youtube videos.
Konatada (1 year ago)
This film is excellent. The original is far better than the somewhat recent remake. It's psychologically scaring and you can often find yourself feeling the same emotions as the characters going through the horrific torture. I found myself crying around 2 times during this entire film, which is quite rare. Would definitely recommend it.
MavalocKing5050 (1 year ago)
Did the original version have any extra dialogue than the remake?
Alvaro Araujo (1 year ago)
I have seen the original and a lot of cuts from the 2007 movie, its the exact same thing, with maybe extreme little changes but in terms of how they act, thats it, that was a requirement from Michael Haneke, the french director
Serena Webb (1 year ago)
pretty sure it's almost exactly the same
Nancy Nazzaro (1 year ago)
The sociopath in this movie makes me sick. I wouldn't even accept this role if I were an actor.
Very Nice (1 year ago)
then you'd never make it as an actor
Alice's Rabbit (1 year ago)
these are the best roles to accept! shoot, i'm the kindest, most compassionate person, ever, and i would love to play an evil bitch with no soul. also, it would be really fun to play the victims, too. as an actor it would be deliciously fun. that being said, these pigs (the characters) deserve to suffer greatly, and the english version of this movie is one of the most fucked-up, disturbing movies i have ever seen. very hard to watch, i'm only here, because i didn't realize that this film had an original, until now.
Gabringo (1 year ago)
Go to a psychiatrist
Gabriel Meza (1 year ago)
I don't understand why Paul used the remote control to rewind it, at that moment I lost the interest in keep on watching it.
ViolentFEAR (2 months ago)
Wow. You three are literally the reason why that movie was needed, but you're too thick to get it.
D (1 year ago)
The family's reaction to these strangers was frustrating but that moment in the film just confirmed this movie was a joke. Nothing scary about this. Psychological horrors only work if believable.
Jaime Alfredo Barcena (1 year ago)
It didn't really happened, maybe Paul was just thinking what might happen.
N / A (2 years ago)
Are they a ripoff of Droogs?
N / A (2 years ago)
+GenderPranks it's still a coincidence to both psychopaths.
GenderPranks (2 years ago)
Not really. The director was a philosophy and psychology major in college. This very loosely follows a 3 act structure, but more closely resembles a psychological experiment (on you, the viewer) using horror and suspense tropes, further pushing you to the edge and gauging how long your moral compass will keep you in the seat. I've seen and read a clockwork orange and this isn't very similar at all. Some of the themes line up, but that can be said of a large subset of dramatic works. I've written numerous screenplays and used to be a script reader, so I could analyze the shit out of this and explain why, but I'm not getting paid.
N / A (2 years ago)
+Some Guy Yup, Paul and Alex are both young, polite, charismatic, scheming, sadistic, intelligent, European, cutthroats who break the 4th wall, attack families and are dressed in white and black.
nah im good (2 years ago)
Genexolev Ashtiani As in A Clockwork Orange?
Mr Lovely (2 years ago)
Hell of a film.
hellochriis (2 years ago)
I'm afraid of watching it again 15 years later. It was such a horrific experience.
leeleeturn (21 days ago)
+itsmejohny pervert
perliva (4 months ago)
Same here. We had a nice evening with some weed and spontaneously decided to go to the movies. Not knowing what that movie was about we picked this one because stoned as we were we thought that it is indeed a funny movie. It was the first time that I seriously thought about leaving the cinema in the middle of the move.
Psycho Boba (6 months ago)
Arturo Sanchez August underground, A serbian Movie, Every Movie from Black Lava Films, Marian Dora Movies.
Psycho Boba (6 months ago)
I have goosebumps....20 years after.....This is pure Evil.
Alvaro Araujo (1 year ago)
+hellochriis Oh boi dont watch Irreversible then... Or Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom. I repeat, stay away from these films!
It's Ted (2 years ago)
The acting is so much better in this version. The actors in the american remake were awful except for Naomi Watts
Alvaro Araujo (1 year ago)
The original one was way more realistic. I know that its the exact same movie, but you dont get that feel, its just weird but its the true. Nothing against Naomi, she is a good actress but meh, i dont understand why she takes the role
Secret Guy (2 years ago)
The acting in the remake was alright, but they just fell out of place and some scenes felt rushed in some parts.
Gryғғιndor Wιтcн (2 years ago)
Loved this movie the American one was okay but this was fabulous
Khaled. Al Khaiyat (2 years ago)
das war nicht funy
Vinny Simms (2 years ago)
I think the US version is better.
OnlyLegendsKat (1 year ago)
Velana D. I think the guys in the remake look weird as hell.
Martreca West (2 years ago)
The trailer looks identical that's wild
Vinny Simms (2 years ago)
+Velana D. Fair enough
Velana D. (2 years ago)
I really don't like the actors from the remake...I mean seriously, they look like two guys from a cheesy boy group band who sing pop music. Their looks just don't fit into that movie. The actors of the original movie were better because they just looked more serious and gave the movie an overall dark atmosphere.
Ich wars nicht (2 years ago)
Schritt 1: zu welcher Familie soll ich gehören?
Jim R (2 years ago)
Possibly one of the most disturbing films I've ever seen.  The film moves slowly but never dull and perhaps that is what makes it all the more sadistic.  Excellent in every way but I can honestly say this is something I would never watch again. It's that's disturbing.
damian latimer (2 months ago)
That's how I feel
Ryokoko koko (2 years ago)
Great movie by haneke, about the mecanism of the fascism...
Nancy Nazzaro (1 year ago)
No, it's the antisocial personality at work. Also these characters are all equal in race and social stature so get a clue
Jeremy Callahan (2 years ago)
pretty terrible trailer.
Joe L (1 month ago)
Pretty sick movie.
Very Nice (1 year ago)
funny I had the exact opposite impression. It was one of the best trailers I've ever seen (no irony)
xEazy420 (1 year ago)
Jeremy Callahan Like every other trailer
Melon Owl! (2 years ago)
die Neuverfilmung ist noch besser
Yaoilover Studio (2 years ago)
Geht mir auch so und ich finde die 2, sehen eher aus wie typische labile Menschen....naja vielleicht Orientierung ich mich da zu sehr an anderen Filmen mit ähnlichen Charakteren, die mental krank waren. Auf jeden Fall kommen mir die beiden echt gestört vor ( gut sehen sie dennoch aus ) und die Schauspieler sind echt gut!
Melon Owl! (2 years ago)
Melon Owl! (2 years ago)
Velana D. (2 years ago)
Nein. Die zwei Protagonisten in der Neuverfilmung sehen aus wie zwei Jungs aus einer kitschigen boy group...völlig Fehl am Platz. Die zwei aus dem originalen Teil lassen durch ihr Aussehen den Film ernster und düsterer erscheinen und schauspielen meines Erachtens nach auch besser.
Miguel Ferrer (2 years ago)
obra maestra
i love horror movies with no end. this movies is amazin. the american movie is great but i still love the german movie the best. fuck my life
Pyrogramm (3 months ago)
Its an Austrian movie
Painhaze (1 year ago)
he is right austria and germany are diffrent countrys
consizco nope. Your just wrong. Walk away
Maha (1 year ago)
me too! i love the german movie! deep and thrue emotion
Wilma Richardson (2 years ago)
I love that!!!!!
AliToons (2 years ago)
wow they copied the movie 1:1 in the remake.
ViolentFEAR (2 months ago)
It was the same director, he wanted it to be placed in the US anyway since he felt the whole violence issue was much more an American issue.
SKSeriousKilla (2 years ago)
Voll bescheuerte Dialogen wie: "Du musst die Polizei anrufen". ,,Wie war die Nummer von denen?". ,,Keine Ahnung". Ewige Minuten ohne Schnitt, wo die Kamera voll weit weg ist (und das bei einer voll sentimentalen Stelle). Der Film hätte wirklich gut werden können, aber die haben es einfach vermaselt.
DV DV (4 months ago)
SKSeriousKilla sohn tot, vater isst brot ... 😁 scheiss film
Tay Lee (2 years ago)
In my bizarre interpretation, I believe Michael Haneke remade his own film(and also the fact that he originally wanted to make the film for the American audiences in the first place) because of the remake trend that's been going on around at the time(still is to a degree). Almost like a commentary on American remakes, and in a strange way mocking it through his OWN REMAKE. That's just the way I see it. Of course, the remake is pointless, but personally I think that WAS the point.
GenderPranks (2 years ago)
I strongly disagree. You're crediting the director with far more than he deserves. He can mask the fact that the remake was anything but a money ploy any way he wants, but that's all it was. Meta commentaries aren't clever or elucidating, they're trash.
Ihab Layth (2 years ago)
that wink makes me orgasm every time 10/10
Ihab Layth (2 years ago)
+Clean Cut Charm of a Boy Band Frontman i'm a guy lmao
Miguel Ferrer (2 years ago)
we think same ! (sorry for my english)
ChanCeNecK (2 years ago)
Ich liebe diesen Film! So was hab ich in meinem Leben noch nie gesehen! I love this movie! Never seen anything like this before!
Ste Ro (3 years ago)
this movie was nearly to intense to watch....
Staci Valenti (3 years ago)
there's a reason why people come to America for entertainment..
Du bisch Protal (2 years ago)
Usa may make the best movies, but this movie sucks in the american version
Masterscheffe (3 years ago)
+Staci Valenti yah, can't wait to see the next transformers movie.
+Staci Valenti Its a good film but ok...
marcoskatecoe (3 years ago)
+Staci Valenti and why ?
Ima san (3 years ago)
Directed sucks. Most disgusting movie ever.
leeleeturn (1 year ago)
ppwalk05 Okay. What would you consider a good, well made movie? Examples, please. I'm simply curious (no insults required).
leeleeturn (1 year ago)
ppwalk05 Okay. Then what do you consider a good, well made movie. Examples, please. I'm very curious (no insults required.)
TzCkk (2 years ago)
+Bela Tarr first of all it is Haneke, not Hanake. Next, you calling me arrogant is hilarious given your comment history. Thirdly Haneke has yet to make a decent film. The only reason a person would watch one his films is for the intellectual content, yet in every one of his films that very content is based upon ridiculous pseudo intellectual nonsense. Also I never said I know reality better than everyone else, just better than Haneke, the critics who champion his films, and you. I make this discernment on an epistemological basis. It is obvious that Haneke is just regurgitating the laughable theories of various Marxist thinkers, theories of members of the Frankfurt school, and all sorts psychoanalysis (which is a pseudo science and is not the same thing as psychology). It is likely that you share the same idiotic ideology as Haneke. It is from this reasoning and my refusal to accept non-empirically backed theories that I make my claim of having a better grip on reality than you.
TzCkk (2 years ago)
+Bela Tarr Still no real argument out of you yet, nice attempt at an argument from authority. I don't respect Cannes or the critics who praise Haneke's work, because most of those people understand reality too weakly to make worth while judgments. Though I am sure an uneducated pleb like yourself eats up their contrarian evaluations.
TzCkk (2 years ago)
+Bela Tarr shit film, shit ideas, shit art, perfect for shitheads. Well, my lunch hour is almost up and I have yet to get a single argument out of you, just some grade school level insults.
Goran Farkas (3 years ago)
I would say that American version was way better
Tyler Durden (3 months ago)
Not even close
Daniele Manno (3 years ago)
Wayyyy better then the remake, although nearly identical. DON'T WATCH THE TRAILER if you haven't seen this though, you will ruin the tension. Genial.
Konatada (1 year ago)
Daniele Manno It doesn't ruin the tension in the slightest, if you ask me.
MAO is BOSS (3 years ago)
einer der intensivesten filme überhaupt...die motivation der täter wird nie wirklich deutlich und ihr handeln scheint darauf zu basieren, dass sie eine art überdruß einer medial verblendeten wohlstandsgesellschaft sind, der die eigene existenz und die der anderen menschen in eine ungeahnt eigenwillige relation setzt und deshalb außerhalb jeder reue oder mitgefühls handelt, was das ganze so makaber und beklemmend macht.
MAO is BOSS (3 years ago)
dann nerv woanders, du blimse
MAO is BOSS (3 years ago)
+Meterpreterer was bist du denn fürn unnötiger wurm?...das ungefragte sprachrohr der youtube-kommentar-community..lol..grab dirn loch, du vollzeitclown!
MrWestcoast52 (3 years ago)
Naja, finde die etwas neuere Version da schon etwas besser
Jany Ka (3 years ago)
wer hat das denn übersetzt? You'll be kaputt haha
Jonas Pinta (11 months ago)
genau, das gibts bei denen auch ^^
Rampant Obesity (2 years ago)
+Jany Ka Eins von den deutschen Wörtern, die sich auf dem Rücken von Jiddisch nach Amerika rübergeschlichen haben. Das is denen nich so ungeläufig, wie man vielleicht denken mag.
Marco Martinson (3 years ago)
it's german
Pujan (3 years ago)
this movie looks retarded.
D (1 year ago)
I found it boring. The rewinding bit made the movie look like a cartoon.
TzCkk (2 years ago)
+Cavani it's shit, worse than Hollywood schlock. Haneke is the worst type of pseudo intellectual.
valarya (2 years ago)
+Cavani no horror movie has ever come close to fucking me up the way this one has
Honzi Bambi (3 years ago)
+Cavani trust, this film fucked me up
bill sykes (3 years ago)
it is not
rick phantion (3 years ago)
this movie looks like one of a kind
Mister Sarajevo (3 years ago)
If a film manages to make me feel psychologically violated, it deserves to be added to my favorites list.
Aviral Srivastava (5 months ago)
j yaman that's a mind rape
j yaman (1 year ago)
Watch A Serbian Film, now that' a mind fuck 😂
Cinema Slut (1 year ago)
Mister Sarajevo Just got done watching it. Ive never been more pissed off and mindfucked from a single scene in all my life. We all know the bullshit scene im talking about. After that happened I just had my jaw on the floor for the rest of the movie screaming at my tv like "THATS NOT EVEN FUCKING FAIR" Lmaoooo. Haneke is a genius.
HashtagBrownies (1 year ago)
I'm 100% in the same mindset.
NickWasHere (3 years ago)
this movie sucks 2 guys just killing a family!
Bubs (3 years ago)
Fucked up.
Daddy Dana (3 years ago)
why did the same director make the exact same film twice? i just don't understand the logic behind it.? Is it simply for retarded americans who can't be bothered to read subtitles?
jaydenrock (3 months ago)
Χαρά Κ. I remember seeing this. I would have done the same thing. My way or no way.
jaydenrock (3 months ago)
marmalade that’s not very nice.
Χαρά Κ. (6 months ago)
The truth is that Americans actually wanted to do a remake of the film and asked Haneke for the rights. His reply was if you guys want to remake it, I will do it for you. That's why the film is completely identical, every shot is exactly the same, every angle, every line, practically everything. He didn't want to see his film altered in any way. So it was his way, or no remake at all. I've watched a documentary on his genius works, where he explains it all and answers every question about it.
Gerrold Lloyd (10 months ago)
This film is art house garbage. Its not even a real movie. 4th wall breaks are not a good thing.
william ehlmann (1 year ago)
For the director to try and make some more money so he can put it into his next independent film
spinnernet1 (4 years ago)
Just got finished watching this movie.  Phenomenal.  Instantly my favorite foreign film ever.
JeanneTabourot (4 years ago)
what is that song called?
JeanneTabourot (3 years ago)
omg thank you!!!!!
Bernd R. Burgmaier (3 years ago)
In the hall of the mountain king, by Edvard Grieg
Nikunj Majithia (4 years ago)
mrsbuubie (4 years ago)
In my opinion the cast of remake were way better than these actors. They were more realistic, especially Paul (played by amazing Michael Pitt) and little gorgie ( little kid in remake had an excellent performance, he really showed the terror and fear in that scene where he was in neughbours house hiding from Paul) Michael Pitt was maybe a better choice because he kinda look like a pshyco haha and this german guy looks lame i dunno he doesnt look scary or disturbing at all he looks like a boring office worker
José Miguel García (4 months ago)
staxstix Arno was scared in this movie
e z (11 months ago)
Pretty obvious the actors in the US version was better.
Leena S. Johtola (3 years ago)
Arno Frisch is 10000 times more scarier than Michael Pitt.
A Zulekha (3 years ago)
I think you're being biased. It's like when Americans said 'Dog Pound' was better than the movie it was based on which is the classic British film from 1979 'Scum' when in reality you cannot even compare. 
river tide (4 years ago)
+staxstix the thing is the violence in this movie is shocking because  the movie does not give any reason for it.the main point of the movie is violence is in our nature ,it does not need to have a extreme reason like in the scene that paul made stories about why they were doing it.it is not about characters looks.two well dressed,clean guys ,take a family as a hostage and torture them because they want to,because we want to see violence . michael's performance is way better i thing ,because the movie disturbing and the paul he ptrayed is way disturbing than the paul in the original one,a young man ,a blondie,beautiful face young man 
Alan Charnoski (4 years ago)
Baita de um filme digasse de passagem
Erik Mattern (4 years ago)
This movie made me feel very depressed. I feel it was pretentiously filmed.
sixteenstringjack (12 days ago)
Yeah, me too. You couldn't pay me too watch it again. I really didn't see the point of this film's existence
Collateral Damage (4 years ago)
what is the music calle?D
The french Timelord (2 years ago)
in the hall of the mountain king.

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