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Top 10 Easter Eggs ★ DOOM

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Text Comments (439)
William Zhu (9 days ago)
Really fast-beating video
Arick A4 (1 month ago)
Nice now you do DOOM Hope you upload some more of this
bin karam (1 month ago)
that 9th easter egg where how u figured out the those scores are actually the release date of doom series is very impressive
The Foundation (1 month ago)
like how song sync
Alex Zulalyan (1 month ago)
Oh men... hmmmmm.........
Kristina East (2 months ago)
Happey birthday to you dear dead child or gronup
Gasser T_D (2 months ago)
Like this comment if you already knew about all if these.
Austin Wile (2 months ago)
Yes the is there demons brains in with Liam Horne cuz when he rips It Off it sounds like the one of the things and then when he got his his head and sounds like another one of the things sorry
fallingbed (2 months ago)
The double barrel shot sync was orgasmic
Theunforgivensoldier (2 months ago)
5:34 now that’s what I call a Easter egg
MrTerminator 645 (2 months ago)
The skyrim skeleton had an arrow in the knee! XD
Jochen Giovanniello (2 months ago)
Which map is Easter Egg 4?
uncle jimboo (2 months ago)
I like the sudden nod to vault-tec made me go back to fallout 4 and look for any doom references
Wolf Alpha 236 (2 months ago)
Omg the first is the beter
Fallout + Doom = Doom out
I bim German (3 months ago)
The first one suprised me because i shot this demon kind often in its eye
Octoberisu (3 months ago)
That's one salty cacodemon
TNToby (3 months ago)
Elesis Sieghart (3 months ago)
May 13th my birthday
Lt. Derp25 (3 months ago)
I really REALLY hope they include Easter eggs like this in Doom Eternal.
David Ibarra (3 months ago)
I fucking knew Vault-Tec was behind this!!!
Mata Riha (3 months ago)
Youre the Best editor of the videos, Just wow and awesome 😍😍
Daniel Spencer (3 months ago)
0:51 that is some sexy timing
Love the track on this vid. What's the name of it dude?
norikiru (3 months ago)
nice sound sync in the shotgun scene
1:33- perfect timing!
Maldene Thaer (3 months ago)
0:39 that sync tho
Moon .Gazer (3 months ago)
DOOM Eternal *HYPE*
atompredator (3 months ago)
Ori Wiesel (3 months ago)
the second score 9261983. on 1:07 https://www.warhistoryonline.com/cold-war/man-saved-world-nuclear_destruction-m.html almost dooms day incident!
shadow (3 months ago)
1:57 yo solía ser un aventurero como tu pero un día me hirieron la rodilla con una flecha
GHOST RON (3 months ago)
Icon of sin is doom slayers son
RundownOcean 2k3 (3 months ago)
0:40 Isn't it funny how the music matches what he did on the tablet thing? 3:57 That was Doomguy's son. Don't believe me? Look up "Why is Doomguy so Angry" and click on it.
Hive Mind (3 months ago)
The music was synced to the shotgun very well. Good job.
bleebloo (3 months ago)
Thefreakyfreek (3 months ago)
shows doom game did not use doom music 😟
Mr. Subtitles (4 months ago)
Vault Tec cause I like to think doom takes place on mars in the same timeline as fallout
patrick chien (4 months ago)
kid_O_war (4 months ago)
I LOVE the terminator references
Passive Wealth (4 months ago)
Tenacious_Diaz XD
Johanx (4 months ago)
Than good intro \m/
RTT 84Q554ASSD (4 months ago)
brilliant editing great job, subed!
DeathScorpion (4 months ago)
5:03 its brutal doom
DeathScorpion (3 months ago)
+Serhio Magpie :)
Serhio Magpie (3 months ago)
Dkdx Wntb?jw (4 months ago)
Not even the man of Skyrim survived hell but doom slayer went through it like cake lol
SMIL DOGDOOM (4 months ago)
Есть ещё одна посзалка. Когда находишь,заходишь в традиционный дум в новеньком думе и будто выходишь из него можно брать и умиреть этак чтобы каска направлялась на тебя там будем злостная улыбка старенького дум гая
galih pratama (4 months ago)
Mick gordon is a one hell brilliant composer
Joseph Stalin (4 months ago)
1:52 I used to be an adventurer like until I took a arrow the the knee.
Medieval Legend (4 months ago)
Mick Gordon, you smart son of a bitch
ma.veronica cortez (4 months ago)
easter egg 0:31 0:38 1:10 1:31 2:41 2:52 3:14 3:32 3:57 5:11
Nebitni (4 months ago)
Combinedgameplay and music.
Mauricio Estrada (4 months ago)
Flawless edition and sync, nice >:D
murriel tanzo (4 months ago)
Never knew this!
William Morris (4 months ago)
Any else notice that at 1:34-on his shots are in sync with the music
Comrade Ranger (4 months ago)
1:33 Amazing
Januario UwU 'Safi' (4 months ago)
Wait every action he does matches the music this is gud
Januario UwU 'Safi' (4 months ago)
At 0:40 when he taps the screen it matches the music it is so freakin perfect
CALABUIGCANARIO (4 months ago)
I love this video
reaper the killer (4 months ago)
that coletible is legendary doom guy from complex doom at 4:15
Devin Casebeer (4 months ago)
Isnt the quad damage sfx also reminiscent of quake 3 arena?
Its me Ya boi (4 months ago)
holy wow the last one was some real dedication i tell you hwat
Luis Vega (4 months ago)
Chase Clippard (4 months ago)
You forget to tell why there was an arrow in the knee for the skyrim one
Dank Memes (5 months ago)
Third easteregg Castle Crashers remembers
William Morris (5 months ago)
Their are TWO terminator references in doom?
Icy Hot (5 months ago)
1:33 that sync tho
Geralt z Fucking Rivie (5 months ago)
Terminator! :)
Pancho Fernandez (5 months ago)
Tremendo! Sólo con los Easter Eggs de Terminator se pasaron.. una genialidad el juego
B S (5 months ago)
There is also the vaultguy figure
Oscar Sanchez (5 months ago)
nomames esto fue hermoso😍 thanks men👍
Jun123 (5 months ago)
Number 4, where?
Mr1987Joe (5 months ago)
I love the football helmet. It's funny because most people probably passed over it having absolutely no idea what it was a reference to.
Alpharius180 (5 months ago)
fun fact: the icon of sin is doom slayers son
Let me ROCK! (5 months ago)
Finally Someone Likes Victor Ohlsson Best Rockstar That Was On this Grounds
Seth Portland (5 months ago)
At first I thought the T-1000 freeze effect was a stretch. Then you showed the next one haha
Kingdiamond Ace (5 months ago)
Wow i didnt know about the cacodemon one
Trent Cox (5 months ago)
1:33 rhyming shotgun?...
KujoKiller97 (5 months ago)
The editing in this is badass 🔥
Akahamka5176 (5 months ago)
doom the best game of the universe
CDgonePotatoes (5 months ago)
That sync! Great job
Chase The Gunslinger (5 months ago)
Fus ro da didn't work for dovakin
NOAH DELORENZO (5 months ago)
I loved how the shotgun blasts from 1:32 work perfectly with the music
John Adams (5 months ago)
1:50 i use to be a dragonborn like you. then i took an arrow in the knee in hell.
stemiplays (5 months ago)
lol there are 2 terminator 2 eggs,i only found the lavaish one by mistake even
Ronald Lira (5 months ago)
1:21 Than means Bethesda and ID can make a crossover between DOOM and Fallout?!
Kyle Tester (6 months ago)
Doom + Fallout set in the same universe confirmed. Imagine doom with vats or fallout with glory kills
Vagner Gon (6 months ago)
Number 1 blew my mind
Fucking retard (6 months ago)
UltraGaming 49 (6 months ago)
0:40 the button presses fit the music
Chuckles the Jester (7 months ago)
A second terminator death easter egg!?
POP ice (7 months ago)
ViSelol (7 months ago)
1:31 Sync god.
Wow there's bithey guy in Doom
Samuel Ray (8 months ago)
What did you expect on the last one, this game is based in hell
Pleumel (9 months ago)
This game does everything right! It was amazing!
Dean Murphy (9 months ago)
I didn’t know that if you shot a cacodemon in the eye it would spaz out and explode 😂
Long Plays (11 months ago)
#9 what about 5/9/2014
Jake A,S (11 months ago)
Poor whiterun guard
_sick 0 (11 months ago)
An easter egg from doom 4 that no one notices, ever: The Quake 3 Arena blue quad damage logo is wrapped around a pillar in the vega core level.
mrFoxy123 (11 months ago)
DOOM is an awesome game,but im more with Serious Sam 3 BFE

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