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The Ultimate Doom all secrets in all maps. Part 2/4

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Ok. This secrets quest continues, now in episode 2: "The Shores of Hell". Enjoy it.
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Tyler Hansen (7 days ago)
75% of the secrets in this game are so full of shit. They have no clues whatsoever that they're there and you'd have no way of knowing how to find them on your own
MyCaptainX (6 days ago)
That's right in a certain way, but keep in mind that this game is really old.
Harz.exe (2 months ago)
helpful af!
first confrontation against cyberdemon i shit my pant when i was a child
MyCaptainX (2 months ago)
I have already made those videos. Check for my playlists: Doom 2 100% secrets reuploaded: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUtQXebxnWoEsg6V_AYconIergWRXkLtJ Final Doom TNT Evilution secrets reuploaded: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUtQXebxnWoGDKU0p5dDog28VVIcrIUE_ Final Doom The Plutonia Experimente secrets reuploaded: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUtQXebxnWoElB_--ck_mRFMMZINv0nrk
can you make video like this for doom 2, tnt, and plutonia wad?
MyCaptainX (2 months ago)
Ha, me too. And doom guy's death scream made things even worse.
rivenoak (8 months ago)
AFAIK Cyber demon has a simple pattern: he cannot shoot and walk at the same time.
MyCaptainX (8 months ago)
Actually, it happens with all the monsters, except for the lost souls. Thanks for commenting.
Neo2266 (1 year ago)
Those cringy texts though XD
sindobrandnew (1 year ago)
I like your video good work :) Yeah game without jump, hard to imagine these days.
MyCaptainX (1 year ago)
Yeah, I know. A good game should be played without jumping, although some secrets (e.g. in Episode 4) can't be discovered if you don't jump or do noclip mode. I suppose those are glitches from the WAD file.
Zeratul Rus (2 years ago)
So, are you just supposed to start a new game once you get this picture of hell? None of the buttons seem to do anything for me.
MyCaptainX (2 years ago)
Yes, you have to press the escape key and choose a new game.
Zabasu (2 years ago)
thanks ! this helpfs a lot
MyCaptainX (2 years ago)
+Zabasu I'm glad this video helped you. Thanks for watching.
evilbunnysanta (2 years ago)
To help with that wall that isn't opening after I get the suite I just do one full lap around that room and it always seems to work for me.
75KUAKKU (5 years ago)

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