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Doom: Episode 1 Secrets Part 1

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Shows how to get 100% secrets for the following levels of Doom: E1M1 E1M2 E1M3 E1M9 E1M4 Soundtrack can be found here: http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Classic_DOOM_3_Original_Mod_Soundtrack;52796x#775289
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Text Comments (164)
Aiced Nilst (7 months ago)
2018 and im seeing new secret, woah!
احمد العمر (10 months ago)
Canal do Rock (11 months ago)
Subscribe in my chanel guys!!!
StryderEpic (2 years ago)
Now I can finally find all the Doom 2016 secrets :D
DontStopDooking (3 years ago)
Nice work
TheElvis (3 years ago)
Fucking worthless.
741Mo0R_ G4M1NG (2 years ago)
TheElvis like your mom
Niklaus (4 years ago)
Suggestion. You should show where you are on the map for some of the trickier to find secrets. Thanks for the video tho.
Niklaus (4 years ago)
OK... That switch right at the beginning is not in my game... Da fuq
Ryan Cook (4 years ago)
that's only on the Ultimate Doom version
Enoch3600 (5 years ago)
All aboard the comment train! Thumbs up if you're playing this game in 2014.
Century 21 (1 year ago)
2018 love the doom classic app
Trufas (2 years ago)
Great :D
stefan hughes (2 years ago)
+MegaEvolution I'm going to try and remember to comment in 2017 to keep this going.
MegaEvo (3 years ago)
+bryan allen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
bryan allen (3 years ago)
+MegaEvolution u got me
José Luis (5 years ago)
I burned a copy of Doom 3 BFG edition only because they added Doom 1 & 2 with new levels.
1997residente (5 years ago)
still better than call of duty
Jay Giles Griffin (7 days ago)
Cod and gta are for mindless, indoctrinated puppet headed fucktards.
TheMarkedOne (5 years ago)
It will be played trough the ages so shut the fuck up about it.
sean pelton (5 years ago)
Thumbs up if you're playing this game in 2013.
YourDude Ashten (5 years ago)
me to :D
YourDude Ashten (5 years ago)
imagine trying to do this on the super nintendo
Høgni Danielsen (5 years ago)
DooM is 4ever!!!
Daniel Leal (5 years ago)
filé ainda jogo e tenho 38 anos uruuuuuuu
jogo o brutal doom, jogabilidade renovada, top
Shaurya Pal (5 years ago)
thumbs up if you're playing this in 2013!
Slowner44 (5 years ago)
too fast D:
POWAHOUSE VOS (5 years ago)
Still in my top 3 favorite first person shooters to play.
Preddykins (5 years ago)
The Doom Metal wad or just the mp3's?
ryan curnow (5 years ago)
I'm a time traveler so I shall thumbs this up.
Benevolentpsycho (5 years ago)
Doom: the godfather of games
csryan314 (5 years ago)
Mephia Keibin (5 years ago)
2013. I remember putting the 'floppy' disk into my PC a long time ago. ... also I don't suppose someone has a link to the soundtrack? it's been 'removed' from filefront a long time ago with an error.
Bonkers Bob (5 years ago)
I never knew about many secret places.. This is so Awesome!!
Dak-dak (6 years ago)
Is this an average player? Because I must suck.
TheDreamescaper (6 years ago)
nah im playing in 2013
Adrian Montano (6 years ago)
I have this for Nintendo still lol
Werner (6 years ago)
Playing it in 2013 as well ;-)
Pedrinha da verdade (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you're playing this game in 2013
Weeb (6 years ago)
EvilStreaks (6 years ago)
There's no reason to have this level of competence in anything that doesn't end in an orgasm. I don't know whether to congratulate you or confiscate your computer for your own good. Thanks for the link to the music too. Nice to hear it remade so well. I'm going to blast it on loop next time I rape and murder a nun. :D
Little LionGirl (6 years ago)
marry me.
Arvo Snapp (6 years ago)
80srockzz (6 years ago)
Thanks man, didn't know about a lot of those secrets! First 2 episodes triple 100% on doom 3 BFG edition for the PS3. And yes i finished the original games on DOSBox :)
Stuart L Hand (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you're playing this game in 2013
SoulHeartRS (6 years ago)
I think you have to download it off the internet. Though with viruses everywhere, I just can't afford to take a chance. I feel you though dude, I too have only played Episode 1.
SoulHeartRS (6 years ago)
Check the description.
evkin117 (6 years ago)
shit i am a cheater lol who's playing this on BFG edition
76Demon67 (6 years ago)
The music is off the charts. Where did you get this music?
Nathan Maxx (6 years ago)
What's this press A business? Spacebar opens doors. Ports are for suckers.
rynb93 (6 years ago)
none of this is in the flash version, i want to play the full game online, anyone?
ThenamEsaKes (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if ya is watching this while playing DOOM - 2012
Christyan Reeve (6 years ago)
you dont have to buy the game now just type on google doom 1 game
tonyCproductions (6 years ago)
looks pretty awesome. is this worth buying?
yerrypablo (6 years ago)
2011 4 moths?
IngeniusGaming (6 years ago)
iddqd = cheat for invincibility
janis212 (6 years ago)
On my old 97 window when i played doom, i somehow unlocked yellow eyes on second level. I didnt took any dmg ever. Anyone know what that was?
Seth Barrera (6 years ago)
dude you could be the fastest play through with all secrets!
Alyctro official (7 years ago)
to be honest,its too fast for me to watch :D
stewieisthelord (7 years ago)
I love that you point out the secrets.
ahriik (7 years ago)
@SecretTimeWarp well good golly gosh, i posted that comment 2 years ago
SecretTimeWarp (7 years ago)
@ahriik That's right.
I'm playing right now, and I don't see a switch
Engel (7 years ago)
@expliotedhawk amen
koolwhat (7 years ago)
Thumbs up if ya is watching this while playin DOOM - 2011
lawlestest (7 years ago)
so THATS how u got to the chainsaw in level 2 , i could never figure that out ..
Dayman (7 years ago)
Damn look at those frame rates! What are you running, a 486DX66??
MsBickle76 (7 years ago)
Hey, man! i need some help. as far as i know i have the original 1993 version and this is not on it. do you have a mod or a fan made version or something in the video? b/c most of the secrets you have i can not find or they are just not in my version????
Gabo21g7 (7 years ago)
you are the Doom God!
Ouaueaio (7 years ago)
How did you know about all the secrets? Sole?
miguelm117 (7 years ago)
is better skull tag
David Fritz (7 years ago)
@okblazer80 play on the harder difficulties
supercrapnstuff11 (7 years ago)
im praying this was an emulator, because i don't like people who waste 700 dollars on a 3do
yousif suliman (7 years ago)
why is thee no switch when i play this level ??
barxag (7 years ago)
Hahaha, funny ! And well done !
Hotdogcircus (8 years ago)
NightBazaar (8 years ago)
Awesome! You really fly through those levels. Lots of secrets I didn't know about. Never could figure out how to get to those power ups. Thanks for the tips.
Nick (8 years ago)
I'm playing on my iPad I can't find that elevator on the 3rd building
Andy Boets (8 years ago)
omfg how many secrets did i miss when i used to play this lol i didn't have even half of ot :O
Jacob E. (8 years ago)
If you think this is hard, try playing Doom Master Levels. Thats REALLY hard =S
Alexandra Burns (8 years ago)
Derrek McNab (8 years ago)
So far you have the best video about 100% of this map for this game.
sd14 (8 years ago)
my version is mssing a few and the music blows compared to this
LinkedSnake (8 years ago)
How did you do to have the high quality music?
NodMan (8 years ago)
Best thing is that Doom 3 Classic has all these secrets.
TheConanRider (8 years ago)
@adamwhitesontheone it s in the marketplace for 400micros oft points
adamwhitesontheone (8 years ago)
how did you get doom on the xbox360 plz tell me nice vid thanks for the upload
cacapollo (9 years ago)
5/5 compadre
xtwwrestling123 (9 years ago)
it does sounds like it, but it would be impossible for that song to have been included in the original Doom, or ANY Doom game or source port, because Be My Baby is from the Kiss Of Death album which came out in 2006, the original Doom games and their expansion packs came out from 1993 to 1995, and Doom 3 didnt have a soundtrack other than ambient backround noises
Ilse S. (9 years ago)
the 4th level song is be my baby by motorhead
mustachedisaster (9 years ago)
i like the sound track on the 4th level!
muy bueno
Yophey (9 years ago)
Wow. In the third level you found SO MANY secrets that I had no idea about.
ahriik (9 years ago)
is this only in ultimate doom? Cuz I was playing doom 95 and that switch in the beginning was not there
Turagalover (9 years ago)
It would be nice if the descriptions didn't completely obscure the actions onscreen.
CHAOSBLACKDOOM (9 years ago)
that's not a secret though.
eusoulegal6 (9 years ago)
veeery nice!
LesEnfantsTerriblas (9 years ago)
about 4:17 u forgot to jump in poison pit hit switch and then get the medkit
Robert Hriskevits (9 years ago)
hey thanx for the video i like this and didnt get to secret places without ur video
Amos Turner (9 years ago)
Hey Like These Secrets But These Ain't On My Version
Andy R (9 years ago)
Wow at E1 M2 I haven't thought that were had to be a button hidden to the right side. Thanks for the help :)
MTLJack (9 years ago)
dude, when i was playing this game years ago, i was freaking happy to find 1 or 2 secrets ...
OZZYRULES200 (9 years ago)
lloyd1337, how many times have you played this?
Kachunnga (9 years ago)
i pressed A on the step2 elevator door, but nothing happened. help?
john doe (9 years ago)
no he is sprinting on this for xbox it is left trigger
kristopher salano (9 years ago)
you can also get that song on doom 3 classic
quirijnquintus (9 years ago)
Emilio Adriano (9 years ago)
is this sped up?? or is he always running?? ^^

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