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Warrior cats - Fire and Ice ~ prologue *OLD*

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************************************READ ME PLEASE!!!!!!****************************************************************** EDIT (23/09/2012): Good grief this is really looking elderly now 0.o You guys have the book, just jump ahead to episode 2 or something :'D hoobloominray! I never thought i'd get this thing done XD (holy cookies fluffy actually managed a full episode of something non-Unknown Blood! LE GASP!!!) Hope it was worth the wait!!... which it clearly isn't XD yush tis my failsome attempt at animating warriors, also me attempting to be origional by doing fire and ice and not into the wild as it's been done a lot lol. I know this isn't very good but it's mah bestest shot *salutes corel painter X*!!!! Bllllaaah I spent about 2 months animating it and 3 days editing, which is pretty fast by my standards XDXD total frame count: 457. NARFISHNEEESSSSSS!!!! The PAAAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN I go through to make ye guys HAPPPY!!!!!! You may need to have a volume control handy during this, my bad ^^' Of course I must say a HUUUGGGEEEE Thankies to all mah voice actors!!! Ones in this episode are: temporaryrock ~ tallstar Y2JenJenn ~ ashfoot xSwiftwishx ~ morningflower tribbleofdoom ~ deadfoot horseloversomuch950 ~ webpaw rockpaw98 ~ runningpaw Swiftsilver23 ~ tornear you guys FRIKKING ROCK!!! WHY DO MY ICONS CONSIST ENTIRLY OF FEEEEET!!!!!! AAARRRGH XCXCXC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he he the sound effect are rather *ehem* el rubbisho but some I had to make myself *kit mewing and human -_-''' fail* and others were pinnacle includes or internet freebies XD If ye be interested then some backgrounds were taken by me in france, the new forest and google :P I also had to draw a few (the moon is a real piccy i just added staaaarrrrs :D). I.... cannot.... draw.... caaars!!!! DIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!! Human anatomy is too hard XC meh XD YAY FOR ABUSING THE PAN AND ZOOM TOOL 8D8D8D8D8D8D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL programs and music is in credits so don't ask please :) but anyways enough ranting. Hope you guys like this and please fav + sub if you REALLY like as it makes me all warm and happy inside XDXD I do NOT own warrior cats this is a FAN-MADE video animation because i love it :3!! The origional sotry is by erin hunter so GO BUY BOOKS NOW!!!!!! The animation and picture ARE mine so no stealy!!!! HOLY COOKIES!!!!! WEEKLY HONOURS!!!??? *faints*: #26 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Howto & Style #6 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Howto & Style #93 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Howto & Style - Global #53 - Top Favourited (This Month) - Howto & Style (0.o wow) #19 - Top Rated (This Week) - Howto & Style #26 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Howto & Style #5 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Howto & Style #87 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Howto & Style - Global #50 - Top Favourited (This Month) - Howto & Style (double wow XD!!!) #40 - Top Favourited (This Month) - Howto & Style (TRIPLE BAKA WOW 8D!!!) (c)Lightning Strike productions
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Text Comments (305)
Jazzabelle Vivian (2 months ago)
Hey fluffy lovey what's the opening song?
MissGrungeGirl (5 months ago)
I remember reading this I cried a lot at the ending
MissGrungeGirl (5 months ago)
Intro; [MUSIC] Me; oh wow my mom’s repetitive playlist.
Don Heimbigner (9 months ago)
The kit is so cute!
Studionsey ! (1 year ago)
kit . Jenny (2 years ago)
oh my gosh I'm sooo late TwT
Cindy Burkard (2 years ago)
you should make a video go all the books
rebel_flag dixie (2 years ago)
if u need voices i can help with that😀
Muddymutt (2 years ago)
Still a nice offer.
ItsxxShiori (2 years ago)
This is from 2009
Doris Bridge (2 years ago)
ObsessionisLove (2 years ago)
TheGamingRuby (2 years ago)
Doris Bridge What do you mean?
个LucaMakes个 (2 years ago)
wow thx so much for making this video i couldnt find this time of vid
M Wilson (2 years ago)
FluffeyLovey you are amazing and I think that this animation is awesome,and I think it's amazing that you can animate because I can't and I love to draw so sometimes I get teased for my drawing because the cats have hair or they look like dogs or I mess up,but I'm only 11 what do I know also I really love the warrior series and your videos I like everyone of them I see;)
the turtletron (3 years ago)
dude make the first book
Anime Girl (3 years ago)
Cool Foxy (3 years ago)
I love the books but this video sucks cuz the voice and the graphics
Entertainment Network (3 years ago)
+Cool Foxy This is one of her older animations, her newer stuff has much improvement. Not everyone is perfect when they first start animating, it takes time.
lolMintyWins (3 years ago)
hey, animation is really hard.
Heather Hornaday (3 years ago)
fluffy still making the fire and ice ?
Heather Hornaday (2 years ago)
+That One Dragon gal I know she's not I asked that a while back
Morioh Radio (2 years ago)
L Kerr (3 years ago)
5:57 Mewl?
john javier (3 years ago)
so old love it
WolfOfTheStars (3 years ago)
What song did you use for your Fire and Ice opening??
WolfOfTheStars (3 years ago)
+Kara Batchelor Do you know by who?
anthony dewalt (3 years ago)
Michael Ricci (3 years ago)
What's with the hair?
Kaylee Young (7 months ago)
Michael Ricci well they gotta look nice and it’s bout the hair to make them look good
Amseriiah Little (4 years ago)
Did you animate into the wild as well as fire and ice?
ツ#1 Ozen enthusiast (3 years ago)
+Spooky Hollows XD I don't pay attention
Entertainment Network (3 years ago)
+Frostheart of IceClan I forgot, it's actually in the credits of the video too. CorelPainterX and pinnacle studio 11. 
ツ#1 Ozen enthusiast (3 years ago)
+Spooky Hollows Lol
Entertainment Network (3 years ago)
+Frostheart of IceClan She actually doesn't use flash, I think she might have used...Coral painter? And now she uses Toon Boom, if I remember correctly. lol
ツ#1 Ozen enthusiast (3 years ago)
+Anja Schmidt She used Adobe flash player and Paint tool SAI
Miner Kitten (4 years ago)
Aww cute kitty XD such a cute mew XD
Madison Pharand (4 years ago)
did u dr3w dawt
Ultrahaphazard (4 years ago)
what is the beginning song
Mary Torres (4 years ago)
who else kept going  back to the parts where the kitten was meowing
Ultrahaphazard (4 years ago)
i did
Starry Sam (4 years ago)
i ove warrios, my pic is of firestar and his 9 lives
Laiserfish (4 years ago)
I reallllllllyyyyy love warriors so dis is pretty cool
angela luttrell (4 years ago)
it dosnt look elderly to me its the best proglue ive ever seen
Bushstar Windclan (4 years ago)
I'm part of WindClan ( well WAS until I passed away from an avalanche at the Windclan's border, after my death Tallstar took over. [YES I was leader, also his mate {YES I'm a girl!} ] ).
Bushstar Windclan (4 years ago)
Sparky Bacon (4 years ago)
I'm sorry to hear that there are going to be no more videos. But I totally understand. Hope you enjoy doing more Unknown Blood!
Sparky Bacon (4 years ago)
This is one of the best things I've seen so far!
angel (4 years ago)
Claws Blade (4 years ago)
Icepaw Studios (5 years ago)
Actually I thought that your Warrior Cats animations are awesome. This is actually coming from an You Tuber that is a big cat fan and can't draw like that. I love your Warrior Cats vids so much that I am going to watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. YOU ARE AWESOME "FLUFFYLOVEY"!!!!
Rachenna77 (5 years ago)
I love the part when Firestar turns in the intro
MAPLE! (5 years ago)
3:40 One of the Windclan cats have skype?
Poower Maan (5 years ago)
Фу-фу!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fu Fu!!!!!!!
Poower Maan (5 years ago)
Гавно и песня Линкин парка сюда не подходит!!!!!! Shit and the song Linkin Park is not suitable here!!
NekoShok (5 years ago)
3:41 damn i thougt it was my skype >:c
fluffylovey (5 years ago)
Actually, Gorsekit is Morningflower's kit. The kit here is Ashfoot's kit, and it is Eaglekit who kind of... disappears after forest of secrets :P
Chiizugua (5 years ago)
Alari Martin (5 years ago)
If I am correct; That would be Gorsekit, not Eaglekit, I could go through the book characters of Fire and Ice and prove that it was Gorsekit.
Mythz xxII MOVED IIxx (5 years ago)
That kit is Eaglekit...
Alari Martin (5 years ago)
*Dies* The kit at 1:54 is.. too cute <3
nick pope (5 years ago)
THis is still prety cool id like to talk to you erm if thats alright?
laurabillings88 (5 years ago)
oh nevermind...
fluffylovey (5 years ago)
Yes, because 3 months ago is 'Past'.
laurabillings88 (5 years ago)
it isn't Tigerstar...
you go!
Dai (5 years ago)
fluffylovey (5 years ago)
Thank you good sir *shakes hand* Yes, many hours went into this, even if the style is terrible ^^'
Dai (5 years ago)
I think it's really good!you can tell how much work you put in this!
fluffylovey (5 years ago)
Are you deliberately trying to be the most annoying little sh*t on youtube?
fluffylovey (5 years ago)
With every offence intended, you are an ignorant turd who can't even see that this video is nearly 5 years old and highly likely to be crap as I'd only been animating for a year. Get out :/
OriginalGirlyGamer (5 years ago)
No offence, which it probably will offend you anyway, you cannot draw.
Entertainment Network (5 years ago)
Hey, let's see you do better! You don't need to be rude, nobody needs to be. Everyone isn't the greatest at animating when they first start out, it all takes time and practice. Look at her newer animations, she's improved greatly, they are beast! Besides, I'm still practicing myself lol and if there's anything my old artistic grandpa taught me, it's that everything takes time. ~Spooky~
TheFieryFenec (5 years ago)
dont shoot your self you are to amazing!!!!!!
TheFieryFenec (5 years ago)
whats the opening song
honignase warriorsfan (6 years ago)
WolfenCaticus (6 years ago)
yea guess what jerk so am i...NOW REALLY CAN WE ALL SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE VID...god..
WolfenCaticus (6 years ago)
you know what it can also mean annoyed so T_T wanna know what really means crying? " :,(" and did i use that? noooooo >:(
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
I'm pretty sure this is meant to be sarcastic, because genuinely, this is one of the most insulting comments on here :/
sophia moxley (6 years ago)
people i know this video is pretty bad(really bad actually)don't be rude i'm pretty sure she knows how bad this is
WolfenCaticus (6 years ago)
its not horns its fluff on the top their heads so T_T
Beth Erynn (6 years ago)
No. I just find that you were being judgmental. Even if you do animate better at the time. And once again, this was old. So that's why.
sketchingiero (6 years ago)
Don't shoot Izzy
TheDecodedDingo (6 years ago)
Sassy Izzy stands for no ones shit
Beth Erynn (6 years ago)
Well, you can't even animate. So what are you whining about? And this is OLD yet you don't care.. Huh.. Okay.
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
The only offensive thing here is your English.
Talia Viera (6 years ago)
The illustrations/animations are amazing! I love the fire in the eyes. It looks really cool! Good Job!
Emily deMattos (6 years ago)
I love tallstars voice!!!!!!!!!!!!
tuntun59 (6 years ago)
HOBOS!!!!!!!! @ 0:44
soultheumbreon (6 years ago)
pfft who needs anatomy? *looks at my drawings* oh wait....
Sp1nda (6 years ago)
Awesome animations!!! One thing though... Seeing Morningflower's kit, Gorsekit makes me think of The Darkest Hour... SPOILERS!! - - - - - - This may be off topic, but... R.I.P. Gorsepaw You would have been a great warrior. (Meanie Tigerstar!! But he's still my second fav warrior cat. :3)
Peiji (6 years ago)
Yes, indeed. The second book is called 'Fire and Ice', as is in the title of the video.
Al Mcdonald (6 years ago)
Never mind.......
Al Mcdonald (6 years ago)
This is the second books prolouge
Abby Rolfson (7 years ago)
I agree but i hope i havent offended anybody.
Abby Rolfson (7 years ago)
That is his fur.
Abby Rolfson (7 years ago)
Love this!
fluffylovey (7 years ago)
Because 14 year old arrogent me didn't think I needed 'ANATOMIEZ' cos 'IT WAS AN ORIGINAL STYLE!!' 17 year old me wants to shoot myself for ever thinking that xD x
TurtleCoCrafts (7 years ago)
Okay, you know what? Fuck you! Go fuck off, bitch! No1 wants to know about what you don't have.
Sp1nda (7 years ago)
I thought I got a skype message at 3:40 lol
Chloe Zheng (7 years ago)
I'm on this book right now
Gabrielle Thompson (7 years ago)
Why does Tigerstar look like a dog!?
LSwolfen (7 years ago)
skype sound ^^ awseome animation
dariacheetah (7 years ago)
blabla those are dogs and the voices are sometimes silent
Imelda Ancajima (7 years ago)
this is great I love how you did fire and ice instead of into the wild like everyone else xDD
Tallstar07 (7 years ago)
This is awesome!!! I love it! I even really love the accents, it's all awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
icefang829 (7 years ago)
Why won't it let me play it on my I pad
Katelyn Mulcaster (7 years ago)
Katelyn Mulcaster (7 years ago)
@Jellypop36 Agree
Lilbo Baggins (7 years ago)
June Ripsnout (7 years ago)
@Jellypop36 have some imagination! do you seriously go around finding videos to HATE?
lochadkat (7 years ago)
3:29 Hawkfrost??? XD O.O
sassafrasgirl1 (7 years ago)
blackstar sortove looks like harry potter. no offence.
RaccoonWaffles (7 years ago)
And what's that on Gorsekit's head? ((If it's Gorsekit... Morningflower might've let Ashfoot carry him. But if it's not Gorsekit...) What's that on Eaglekit's head?
RaccoonWaffles (7 years ago)
3:51 Why are their paws backwards?
Zanima Deep (7 years ago)
@Ashyx42 Funny you should say that, as Watership Down is also based in Hampshire hehehe
Bloodshotshatterbone (7 years ago)
@Jellypop36 What's wrong with the British accent?
Cat Nicole (7 years ago)
Can you please tell me how to make these warrior animations??????

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