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 Follow! http://twitter.com/chronicgamergrl Plus! gplus.to/ChronicGamerGirl Bonus! http://youtu.be/BkS98WuVlPY Now for everyone's favorite Super Nintendo game, Alfred Chicken! No? Anybody? CHRONICGAMERGIRL plays high-rated video games. Suggest a game! Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (59)
Sam Madera (5 months ago)
vomitting is way cooler dooood, but seriously
calum ryan (2 years ago)
What the hell? I had no idea you had this show :)
Ebichu (2 years ago)
i thought it said alfredo chicken
thenaobai (4 years ago)
wait, so what was the cookie brand u were endorsing??
Harrison Codda (4 years ago)
i have a pal copy, its a shit game
HGHRCLBR (4 years ago)
the way you got so distraught when you got game over makes me wish i knew you irl.
CrazyQuark (4 years ago)
Actually it's possible to kill enemies without power-up-help by jumping on them. Just don't forget to press down while doing that. Well, this game was released at a time when it was common to have instruction booklets with the info at what to do (instead like today where they put all kind of instructions and training areas inside the game.)
Lendsey Kersey (4 years ago)
MVRCH SVDNXSS (5 years ago)
i thought aspen was in canada 
apatientmotor (5 years ago)
toejam and earl !!!!
Arthur Warren (5 years ago)
"everything means nothing in alfred chicken" -> genius
Josh Swan (5 years ago)
Hey Ilana, this game is weird but you have to admit it makes more sense than "lawn mower man"
Jessica Stein (5 years ago)
Are you still interested in collaborations? Friend from Bite TV in Canada wants to do one! Plz get one of your minions to talk to me? Maybe? Make money and love and friendship.
clayripblair (5 years ago)
zombies killed my neighbours might be fun
MasterJebbly (5 years ago)
Ilana from broad city? Love the show.
My friend's Dad had this game when we were kids.  Now I know why his parents got a divorce.
Chronic Gamer Girl (5 years ago)
Yes, please. A pink one!
Why does every female gamer feel the need to announce they are a girl, like it's a fashion statement. Online nobody cares. You're a girl, great. Want a medal?
Youngrichone - (5 years ago)
Wow you are really ugly I typed ugly gamer girl in google and this channel came up
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
Good point! Al Chicken would've been a better name then.
Sam (6 years ago)
Just realized that Alfred Chicken is secretly a jewish stereotype- hes allergic to everything, is always scared and goes after diamonds
Devil Shadow (6 years ago)
Très bonne vidéo, n'hésitez pas à visiter ma chaine également pour une version française ! Bonne continuation! Congratulations for this video.
Pitah7 (6 years ago)
Here from reddit. This seriously cracked me the fuck up.
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
omg WDRose you gotta gimme some time. that threat is SO legit and mean hahaha. but i def def def gotta play Katamari, I know this now via comments, prob 90% yours. I will I will. I will for sure.
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
thank you so much for this tip. just wrote it down in a spreadsheet, so i intend to play it in the future. thank you for the suggestion as well as the tip. damn!!!!
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
hahahah i guess. no beater, let's call it a white trash tank top. oh but it wasn't! it was a lil summer jersey dress from Uniqlo hahaha. thanks for watching and commenting <3 happy new year in Aspen, Sweden!!!
Dougomite (6 years ago)
Ohh, play the first "Toe Jam & Earl", on the Sega Genesis. So many interesting characters in that game that it would have to make for some interesting comments. Plus it's not annoying to play. Pro-Tip: on the first level, fall off on purpose to get to a 'secret' area with hula girls who give you lemonade, seriously.
Mark Moroz (6 years ago)
I played this game as a kid, there was a phone number in the instruction manual, it was toll free and you could call Alfred Chicken to recieve a series of pre-recorded messages. I called them 100's of times. *super shrill nerdy chicken voice* "Hi Im Alfred Chicken, do you like to play with me? Thats all for now, Buk Buk BukaAAAH!"
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
thank you for these suggestions, i'm putting it in a spreadsheet right now. i LOVE ~wtf~ it sounds so dumb hahahah
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
thank you so much. you are, too!!!! thanks for watching yo (- jesse pinkman if he did a youtube show)
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
omg that is so sweet hahaha this is scary and amazing!!! thanks for watching, 'appy 'olidays.
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
you too! thanks!
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
puttin' it in a spreadsheet right now. thanks for the suggestion and for watching!
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
hahahaa you do it!!!! i like bunnies, too
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
okay that sounds hot! it may be way in the future but im putting it on a spreadsheet rn so it's in 'queue' or w/e. thanks for watching!!!
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
that's really sweet!!! and lol at my 'team' -- hot wording, thank you so much for that. but it's like... it would be too much. my voice.. idk. but there are second parts to every episode at youtube[slash]chronicgamergirl2 -- i hope you didn't know that already and this is a fun new thing to you. thank you for watching!!!!!
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
keep em comin, i'm spreadshittin' the sheet outta these comments!
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
i'm gonna be sooo bad at it but okay!
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
putting it on a spreadsheet now!!!
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
hahaha thanks for lookin out. damn!
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
omgggg woah
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
fk ya
Chronic Gamer Girl (6 years ago)
it's honestly the editing. thanks for watching!
Emanuel Dubei (6 years ago)
where do you have all this energy?
Nobue Itou (6 years ago)
Problem, officer?
Nickiii3eyes (6 years ago)
What the actual fuck, nobue itou?! Is that a thing? Like, normal?
Tyrone Bennett (6 years ago)
This is the best youtube show. puff puff pass
Nobue Itou (6 years ago)
Please don't stop feeding her. I love to seeing her stuffing all those sweets and things inside of her, I could watch that all day. Don't leave that away. <3
retrogamerjay (6 years ago)
Super Ghouls and Ghosts prease!
Kathy U (6 years ago)
Try Pepsiman or Circus Charlie! :D
mochalatte233 (6 years ago)
CRASH BANDICOOT! I wish these were a bit longer. But I know Ilana and her team have lives outside of this funfest. A girl could hope, though!
astral da gawd (6 years ago)
Do shaq fu
restroombunny (6 years ago)
make a poetry collection, call it "fragile chicken"
astral da gawd (6 years ago)
Oh yeah and merry christmas!
astral da gawd (6 years ago)
Sorry CGG for not watching in a while broke me phone but I'm backs now!
Mrcookjr (6 years ago)
Happy Holidays you wonderful perfect part of my life!
Soundboy6 (6 years ago)
Merry Christmas, Ilana! You're the best!
sadboss key (6 years ago)
Could you play billy hatcher and the giant egg for the gamecube? its super WTF worthy.

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