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Cartoon Network Japan Anime 2

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There's another one from CN Japan. It has the Red Guy and IR Baboon as flight attendants and in drag. Original link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm27042187 This was probably animated by Tokyo Movie Shinsha.
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Stephen Chase (5 months ago)
Sarah Waterman (9 months ago)
As an Otaku.... I AM FUCKING INSULTED!!!!
nameless dork (1 year ago)
The only.instance where we don't see Red Guy's butt. Never thought to see the day.
Daniel Egan (1 year ago)
Can you do a subtitle version of this video too? So you can find someone who knows japanese.
鵬翼九天 (1 year ago)
Daniel Egan (1 year ago)
Can we watch Cartoon Network Japan Anime 2 with The Red Guy in english dubbed virsion please.
Daniel Egan (1 year ago)
Check out this video GUYVER Out of Control OVA Complete FanDub (by Rogue Productions)
Daniel Egan (1 year ago)
Okay {:-(
Tinyironfist (1 year ago)
Then stop bothering me.
Daniel Egan (1 year ago)
Well, why don't you ask rogue productions? they did guyver out of control in english fan dub.
Tinyironfist (1 year ago)
dian 213 (1 year ago)
Drew Lewis (3 years ago)
I like this bumper
devin weathers (10 months ago)
Drew Lewis red is the ficking best

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