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Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar

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Listen to Taylor Swift's debut self-titled album here: https://taylor.lnk.to/debutID Shop official Taylor Swift merch here: http://taylor.lk/merch Music video by Taylor Swift performing Teardrops On My Guitar. (C) 2007 Big Machine Records, LLC
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Text Comments (58415)
Nathan Dunlap (14 hours ago)
this is the side of a women I like
Nathan Dunlap (14 hours ago)
he married to my cousin tara
Lahju Ju Poe (21 hours ago)
Instead of tear drop on guitar, I changed to tears drop on my pillow "Drew". I wish I could open this song in front of my crush one day. I want to see his reaction because same name. I wish he fulfill what I wish. Where is true guy for me?😭😭😭 It hurts so much when loving someone who doesn't love u and know u.
Rafa'ana Oriza (21 hours ago)
❤queen is always queen...Yay Tay😙
I was a new born when this was made
Jaden Koiner (1 day ago)
Taylor is way prettier than Drews “girlfriend.”
Abigail (1 day ago)
Young Taylor! Where you at?? :(
dave ferrer (1 day ago)
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Denise Cernetic (1 day ago)
Hector Romo (2 days ago)
Awe Sara . you can't love me ever cuz if u do I'll have to double it
Ruby Snyder (2 days ago)
150 likes and I'll tell crush I like him
Madeleine Eve (2 days ago)
Fave Taylor phase by far! 2018 anyone?
Li Bli (2 days ago)
Love you so much 💟👑
Traci Sipple (2 days ago)
omg my mom shold me this song and it is all i can lisen to.😍😍😍
Brian Agtuca (2 days ago)
lol I miss high school taylor
Edison Rodriguez (2 days ago)
2018 anybody?
Adriano Cézar (3 days ago)
I think this one is my favorite from her first album
Chester Didzena (3 days ago)
Anne Wzw (4 days ago)
Bate Ashu (4 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥 still enjoying 😌
Madeleine Haddad (4 days ago)
I'm pretty sure Taylor is the most beautiful person who has ever lived. Like is you agree.
Rai Watson (5 days ago)
Rick Gardner (5 days ago)
November 12 2018 still love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕🌺🌻🌼🌸🌹🌷💐🌈
Kendall Williams (5 days ago)
this has to be one of the saddest songs ever....but when you love someone enough to compliment the person he loves, you know you truly love them <3
Lylyan Weathers (5 days ago)
this song describes me alot
A S (5 days ago)
I keep coming back 💜
Chester Didzena (6 days ago)
im sorry i wish n make u want everything in lifeil provide for brenda
Gerard Ian Reyes (6 days ago)
LIstening November 2018
Marivic Domingo (6 days ago)
am i the only one now who visited this song? 🤔😍
Jack Grazer (7 days ago)
Nurul Muzirah (7 days ago)
Monica Lora (7 days ago)
Miss this Taylor
enrique huizar (7 days ago)
Sorry for the last comment
enrique huizar (7 days ago)
Hey Taylor someone re-create it’s something blank space I think I’m one and I really love it. Which is it you know he’s acting like a boy like you killed actually
Chiara Love39 (7 days ago)
What a terrible experience she had...
Its Salhea (7 days ago)
Rylie Brooker (8 days ago)
I’m having to deal with my “Drew” right now
simmerbremily (8 days ago)
taylor is absoloutley gorgeousssss<3 especially now too!
Von Diego (8 days ago)
Whose still here till 2050?
Corazon Asuncion (8 days ago)
So here I am November 2018. Listening to Taylor's songs ❤ oh I love her songs
krishna das (8 days ago)
"He is the reason for the teardrops of my guitar 🎸"love your lyrics Taylor Swift I have a question:Why don't you come to India Taylor Swift...I bet you will have many fans than your imagination....
Tanish Goyal (10 days ago)
it's still one of its kind
Rosie Serafin (10 days ago)
Shashikant Uike (10 days ago)
I just watched her pic on golden curly hair and come back to see how beautiful she looks on these curly hair
Storm Assault (10 days ago)
Drew your stupid dude😩😑🙃
jentrash (11 days ago)
taylor isn’t dead, in her Kansas City reputation your, she sang the story of us and omggg i love her 😭🥰
Jhajha Villegas (11 days ago)
Love this song of her goddddddd😍😍😍😍😘
Taehyungie (12 days ago)
2018 November 😅
Dara Rocks (12 days ago)
Anyone else love this song so much but they also relate to it so much it hurts?
Nikki (12 days ago)
wait wait wait, I just noticed this... There are 135,748,230 views currently, yet there are only 479K likes????????? What?????? There should be at least 1 million likes! There's probably a lot of views because we play this over and over but can only like it one lol. Still, don't forget to like the video.
Abigail Ruda (12 days ago)
Taylor is so much prettier than that girl tbh 😍😍
nicole brown (12 days ago)
Chris Kelly was a douche on here also jk
Merlordith 13 (12 days ago)
This brings back so many memories...
Madhura Korgaonkar (12 days ago)
Theres our Chris Kellerrrrr
Oprah Oprah (12 days ago)
There's this guy I have a crush on,,but he's so good looking that so much girls like him and I doubt he feels anything for little old me. T-T
сестракофе (13 days ago)
This is was the time I played with barbies LMFAOO Well, I actually had my dolls Roleplay to this
Mark Seville (13 days ago)
hows with me
Mark Seville (13 days ago)
he was so so mean to u Taylor swift, i mean... he doesn't deserve u at all
chrystal oneth (13 days ago)
💗Taylor Swift💗 💗Teardrops On My💗 Guitar 💗 There are a couple of Taylor Swift songs that I love a lot but this one means the most to me it reminds me of an ex the way he hurt me and the way that I never thought I'd get out but this song gave me the courage to get out so I hope it does the same for everybody else 💗💗💗💗
Lokesh Vc (13 days ago)
I love her lips 😍😍 she lookes like a doll and the lip stick also super to her😊😊 nice song also😘😘
T S (13 days ago)
Jéssica Muller (13 days ago)
He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star <3
Tiểuuu (13 days ago)
I hate seeing you cry in you're music videos the cupple across the parking lot said there going too hack my PlayStation if i don't stop
Eva's Style (13 days ago)
winter 23 (14 days ago)
This song puts me in my feelings 🥺.
angel manansala (14 days ago)
2019? Anyone?💥💥
night shadow (8 days ago)
Sima Zay (14 days ago)
On a mission listening to her country song
James Underwood (14 days ago)
Fucking drew needs to date her, jesus christ dude
Liyana Machaiah (14 days ago)
I still feel chills!
Rosa Scarlet (16 days ago)
I loved her long golden curly hair.
Bobbie Shanelee (16 days ago)
Why does Drew look like hes 30
T S (17 days ago)
Cazuhira (18 days ago)
November 2018?
Irina Skywalker (18 days ago)
Well , Taylor is me
Ivan Lance Puralan (18 days ago)
Melvin Harim (18 days ago)
Finally a song where the love rival isn't actually a bitch
Peter Jay Colon (18 days ago)
she's happy in love now. 2018. rep era.
Declyn Cochrane (18 days ago)
shut the f up no way she has tear drops on her guitar ... maybe white stuff 😅😅😅
John Richard Duran (18 days ago)
This song will never get old. 💞💞
Janvi Taneja (18 days ago)
No baby i dont need u too make me cry her deep songs are enough😍😍love u tay
jd24000 (19 days ago)
ywn be a 35 year old in high school driving tay-tay cray-cray :(
Brown Girl (19 days ago)
Alexander Orr (19 days ago)
what the hell is wrong with you people.
Efrydinata Putra (19 days ago)
My 1st time knowing Tay was this video. Watching this, I knew that she is going to be a star.
Jared Stevens (20 days ago)
It's ok Taylor I will go with you.
Bora Bora (20 days ago)
"And she's got everything that I have to live without"
Eye Luvya (20 days ago)
Sometimes, falling in love leads us from falling apart.
Kyriaki Postolos (20 days ago)
i like how shes like gorgeous and they couldn't have found a hotter guy
MattieIz Apotato (20 days ago)
I relate to this too much,My crush is Dating one of my best friends,she knew I liked him too,When he tries to talk to me I just don't say anything because she's became a jealous girlfriend and if anyone like talks to him it's flirting,The weird thing is he always plays with my hair,grabs my hips and 'Tickles' me,Sometimes in band he'll sit in my chair if I get up or he'll sit across from me and stare at me,and then he always puts his hands on my shoulders and tries to scare me. I'm really confused
Tyler Cryer (20 days ago)
Remember when Taylor Swift was good?
Teresa Rostofer (20 days ago)
i miss the old taylor!!! I cry to this song everytime i listen to it!!
Dalton Waters (20 days ago)
I hope you don't have to get hurt 😥😭😞😖😰😱😿
Vidushi Mongra (20 days ago)
I have a crush on my guy best friend, and he doesn't know. He always keeps telling me about his crush who is perfect.. This video means a lot to me because this is exactly how we (me and him) had our moments... (in library, chemistry lab EXACTLY). IT JUST SADDENS ME.. but i love it. This so close to me because i can relate to this song so much.
Marietta Ejada (6 hours ago)
Relate much 😢😢😢
Amazing Grace (5 days ago)
Aww, it's ok
Crush Mellet (13 days ago)
yes tell him!!
adwiteeya p (14 days ago)
Hi I am also an Indian !!
adwiteeya p (14 days ago)
Vidushi tell him !!!
Ananya Saha (20 days ago)
Loves from October,2018 <3
T S (21 days ago)
Vanessa Jautacut (21 days ago)
เข้ากับชีวิตตูเกิ๊น!!! I like this song.!!!
TerpeneProfile (21 days ago)
I wanna slap Drew, decently hard.

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