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LPS: warriors Fire and Ice book 2 prolouge

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well, this is book 2s prologue! if u don't know, it IS about windclan . oh and sorry i used bluestar for tallstar, i couldn't find any other cat for him x3
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Arif Kos (1 year ago)
Absolute master piece of cinema
chloe sky (2 years ago)
Good video I have a parody up on my channel I love warrior cats XD
Ocean Dweller (3 years ago)
did u draw on that pink one????
Forest Breeze bunny1o8 (3 years ago)
Forest Breeze bunny1o8 (3 years ago)
i love it
the original Tess (3 years ago)
When you said ashfur at the beginning you meant ashfoot,right?
RadiatedRedhead (4 years ago)
at 2:45 DID THEY STEP ON MORNING FLOWER????????????????
Emo Fox XD (1 year ago)
RavenWingStormLps W-P (2 years ago)
That Ginger Gurl Yeah I think they did.
RadiatedRedhead (3 years ago)
+Midnight Daze cool meann(man...) lol
Midnight Daze (3 years ago)
+ChloeRayne94 MORNINGFLOWER APPWOOVES (thats a thing I made up)
RadiatedRedhead (4 years ago)
lol plus ts this _________________ much worse because she's pregers
Spottedheart (5 years ago)
you did a great job with this:) its so much like the prologue good job:)
mac of cheese (5 years ago)
Wow, Tallstar looks a lot like Bluestar. :/
Garthadon no he doesn't the lps she used was grey and white while bluestar is a grey-blueish cat with a light blue on the tip of her tail and on her muzzle just saying
Cody Freeman (5 years ago)
these are problems children
Dragon Infinity (5 years ago)
was that thunder cuz it looked like it waz gona rain
Abbe Benavidez (5 years ago)
when is part 2
Liza & Lauren (5 years ago)
Awesome I'm on series power of three nice job.
Raven Flight (5 years ago)
Gabriella Gardner (6 years ago)
This is great, im reading book 3
peter robin (6 years ago)
awsome you know, when I started reading the books, about 50 books ago, until the 4th or 3rd book I thought monsters were badgers or foxes XD
Chish (9 months ago)
I thought they were bears xD I thought twolegs we're messed up cats to.. so when it said the twolegs climbed in there monsters I sure got confused 🙄
scarlett sullivan (6 years ago)
Story sorry
scarlett sullivan (6 years ago)
Will you be doing the store
Rainbownitram (6 years ago)
It is cool
skyekimi (6 years ago)
Yeah the monsters are cars
YourOneAndOnlyLeek (6 years ago)
Are the monsters cars? I've been wondering what they are since I started reading the books
Chish (9 months ago)
Yeah, I thought they were bears at 1st, but there cars😅
capadidi (6 years ago)
Iz your name s,
Tirzah (6 years ago)
I <3 It!

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