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Funny Games U.S Intro

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Doug Long (17 days ago)
Fucking Naked City crashed my thirteenth birthday party and Yamatsuka shit all over my birthday cake!
Manuel Tenorio (22 days ago)
Funny Games India when?
First time i heard it i thought the movie had not intended to add tht in
Kobayashi Takanori (2 months ago)
The G-Wing (4 months ago)
I swear the music sounds like an orgy that turned into a massacre
Finch (5 months ago)
2:45 ROFL
Matías Villalba (7 months ago)
Ok Sure (8 months ago)
Best title sequence of all time?
Evan Jones (5 months ago)
Anu Nath (9 months ago)
Yume Wolfenstein (10 months ago)
Dreigonix (1 year ago)
*_PHUNNY REVIEW_* Are you done yet? *_NO_*
Zack C R.Liberty (11 months ago)
Eyyyyy another Phelous fan
dio brando (1 year ago)
Pointless remake for mouthbreathing americans
Amer g. Otok (4 months ago)
the american version is better.
Austin Garcia (5 months ago)
Did you not know that Haneke intended for this film to be viewed by an American audience? And the original was barely viewed by Americans, and that’s why he remade it?
Ok Sure (8 months ago)
dio brando oh boy you got em good with that one oh boy that was clever!
Generalissimo (8 months ago)
No he didnt
Yako Van Yato III (9 months ago)
dio brando It was directed by the same person who did the original funny games.

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