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Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)

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Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe) Visit us at http://www.godgames-world.com for more Enhanced graphics with emulator EPSXE.For recording I used a Live Gamer HD Capture Card. -some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems... PC specs: - CPU Intel Core i5 760 (3.66 Ghz OC) - RAM 8 GB - GPU Gefoce GTX 560 - Windows 7 (64 bit) Epsxe 1.8 specs: - info, faqs, tips at godgames-world website ::::: Rate, Comment & Subscribe :::::
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Sayri Adventure (12 days ago)
It is a pity that I’ve not had ps1 in my childhood. Have heard about the game from my friend today and decided to watch. Love the mechanics
Alan Rafael Ferraz (1 month ago)
Que nostalgia gostosa !!!
wasi gupito budiarto (2 months ago)
Eli Smith (3 months ago)
does anybody remember the horror of the first few seconds of that intro not knowing if the ps1 would work or not?
Mammoth Supremacy 55 (3 months ago)
This game alone beats all games on n64.
Dante Viceroth (4 months ago)
The voice actor of Milo is the same voice of Tidus on FFX right?
Miu Okami (6 months ago)
Esto era más difícil que dark souls xD
Sίιԑԉτ (6 months ago)
La nostalgia di un capolavoro...
Tauche Luis (7 months ago)
i just play the fucking demo
I really love this game
Omarock (9 months ago)
Good old times where you actually had to use your brain to finish games.
RandomLife3 (10 months ago)
Que recuerdos wn
Joe Johnson (1 year ago)
looks pretty good actually
NK (1 year ago)
this is a old great game, btw i have play it on pc with a ps1 emulator :)
Bence Pál (1 year ago)
The best adventure game on ps1!
Enzo Rodríguez (1 year ago)
I had played when I was 9 years, very nice memories and now I am seeing the movie jaja
Nero Co (1 year ago)
My entire chilhood
Adri (1 year ago)
I never finish this game cuz I'm blur and don't know what to do
Mr Ryder (1 year ago)
mamma mia quanto bello era da piccolo,anche se allo stesso tempo non capivo cosa dovevo fare hahah
Epsilon 9990 (1 year ago)
I love the fact that the game said collect 15 crystals for an extra life but the amount it says when you collect one is sixteen
yokimo bigphattnuts (1 year ago)
I remember playing this on a demo disk
Eli Smith (3 months ago)
me 2 I never got the full game for anything though
Bangard (2 years ago)
Gimped rip off version of Tomb Raider but a pretty good rip off game though.
Bangard (2 years ago)
Gimped rip off version of Tomb Raider but a pretty good clone game though.
Bangard (2 years ago)
+A.C. Slater Yeah I know but I'm talking gameplay wise, not story wise.
A.C. Slater (2 years ago)
Bangard It's based on a movie tho
Captainbrandflakes (2 years ago)
I'm only 13 but I remember playing this game allot I actually miss that game it is great
JayBird (2 years ago)
I remember quitting this game on the first level because I didn't realize Audrey couldn't jump to grab things.
Dominykas Zakrys (2 years ago)
another example on how people search games on ps4 when we have ps1 classics
Mammoth Supremacy 55 (3 months ago)
+Guy Who Steals Other People's Memes Interesting. I like your thinking.
+Mammoth Supremacy 55 Here is why Star Wars Battle Front is a rip off of HALO, and a crappy one too: 1. They are science fiction military shooter games (But BF has a 3rd person mode) 2. You only have two weapons at a time (Except in HALO, you can change weapons and stuff, one thing about BF that sucked was you can't change your piss poor weapon selection) 3. The game play is simple, except HALO Combat Evolved is actually good 4. They also include a split screen mode (which is common for shooter games, however) 5. Not only do you have different types of guns, you also have grenades that you can throw. There are normal grenades _and_ energy grenades. And the energy ones can stick onto things. 6. The rocket launchers barely have any ammo (And they both have rocket launchers, lol) I'm sure there is more, but that is why I think that Star Wars Battlefront is just a crappy way of ripping off of Halo Combat Evolved.
+Patrick Mcintyre COOL!
Patrick Mcintyre (3 months ago)
+Guy Who Steals Other People's Memes I still have mine and you can get mod the action replay its called pseudo saturn it allows you to play imports and also you can burn you're own roms to a disc
+Patrick Mcintyre You had a Saturn too? :D I remember getting all three of those. I did not like N64 or any of its games, so I buybacked it and its games at a video game store. I think I have a Saturn somewhere in my closet. Time to get it back out and play some good under rated games!!!!
Horacio Fernandez (2 years ago)
This game is amazing!
Cameron Pecchiari (2 years ago)
sounds like the person that plays stuat little the character i mean
Sailor Sedna (2 years ago)
This game actually looks pretty cool, the graphics are nice, and I like how they used scenes from the movie.
Mammoth Supremacy 55 (6 months ago)
good for something on PS1
Sailor Sedna (2 years ago)
+irkenus Oh...
irkenus (2 years ago)
But they re-recorded the voices with that from the game.
luke cook (3 years ago)
oh the old days :D loved the cartoon and the game
Matteo Gandin (1 year ago)
I especially the cartoon, but the game isn't too bad either
Júnior França (3 years ago)
good graphics :o
John Bane (2 years ago)
+Júnior França Psone actually had some power in it, the only problem was the extreme low resolution and the lack of filters xD
Aziz Hamad (3 years ago)
ايام جميلة
9robin3 (3 years ago)
nostalgia <3
Canal Roberto Da Costa (1 month ago)
Um dos melhores joguinhos de aventura que já joguei.
nosha kans (3 years ago)
my fave Disney games
Gonza97 (4 years ago)
I loved this game, it was cool
Harry Stallone (4 years ago)
wen kid i was i like tis gaeme
79tazman (4 years ago)
This looks like a pretty cool game
Nikita Karelins (4 years ago)
Just a russian comment... Годнота.10/10.
Sorry, ocarina of time, you're not as good as Atlantis.
Salmón Salado (4 years ago)
Para mí, Atlantis y el emperador y sus locuras son los 2 mejores juegos de la ps1.
Edu lima (4 years ago)
é muita porta
Hunter (4 years ago)
I thought this was gonna be the one that came out the cereal box.
Roy Mustang (5 years ago)
My older brother had this game, i like it a lot. Too bad me and my younger brother broke it when we were like 6 or 7
John GodGames (5 years ago)
I'm working on faq,tips section on godgames world website so many useful information will be there..be patient
ViggyTheBear (5 years ago)
What plugins do you use for ePSXe? Also, how did you get the Sony PS1 intro to boot?

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